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Seminary Graduation Gift Ideas

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I have a good friend who is graduating from SW Baptist Theological Seminary and I was looking for gift ideas.

Shannon from Ft. Worth, TX



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By jeanne (Guest Post)11/21/2006

there will probably be some traveling in their future, how about luggage, an onboard carryall, a basket with travel goods in it...

By Janet45101 (Guest Post)11/20/2006

If there are local artists in the town in which he is
graduating, perhaps there are renditions of the
seminary, or of the chapel or church he has
attended there.

By sandy [63]11/20/2006

how about going to a Christian bookstore and getting a gift certificate. he probably has many books but in time he might find he needs more.
maybe a dinner out. being in school he has probably been pretty poor.

By Cindy (Guest Post)11/20/2006

Gift card to appropriate book store (Lifeway for example).

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