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Dark Spots on Cauliflower

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Are the dark spots cauliflower safe to eat?

By Lewis from Port Orchard, WA


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Personally I wouldn't do it because those are 'aging' spots. It's really easy to just slice those little critters off like you do the mold on the exterior of cheese blocks and still enjoy the rest of the batch though. ;-)

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By gbk [45]04/19/2011

I agree with Deeli and the dark spots are mold. I have a good little helper that tells me if I should eat this particular veg. he loves, or not a cat squirrel. He cannot be turned loose because he has grand mal seizures and is 4 years old and if you doubt the black spots so does he he won't eat them. lol. Most people think squirrels will eat everything but they are pickey.

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