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Dark Colored Towels Bled on Light Colored Towels

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I read about using boiling water and bleach for taking out color bleeding. It appears that these were white clothes. What about green towels that had a red towel thrown in? They are now an awful brown color. Will the boiling water and bleach work on colored items?



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By Charlene Richardson [2]04/28/2009

Try "Dye Grabber". It worked great for me with some similarly stained clothing. One terry-cloth Dye Grabber is good for 30 loads of clothes. I bought mine @ JoAnn Fabrics

By Louise B. [4]04/28/2009

Bleach on your green/brown towel will take out the green as well as the red. It may not put spots on the towel, if you have dissolved the bleach in the water thoroughly, but it will fade out the green and the red both. You will just end up with faded brown towels.

You could try just using a hot wash with lots of detergent. I don't think that would hurt the towels in any way. I would be wary of any color remover, as I think it would remove the original green as well as the new red.

By valarie phillips04/21/2009

If you put bleach on the colored towels it will put bleach spots on them. For future - SHOUT makes a dye catcher. You throw it in the washing machine and also put the one that was in the washer right in the dryer with the wet clothes. These work great- especially when you have a white shirt with red trimming- go ahead and throw the shirt in with your loads of whites and put in the shout dye catcher sheet and it will catch the dye and your other clothes will come out fine. You can get this product at any store-- It says shout right across the front of the box- the box is white. good luck.


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Archive: Dark Colored Towels Bled on Light Colored Towels

I washed a white towel with a green one in hot water. The greed dye has run. I have kept the old white towel (now light green) wet. What is the best solution to get it back to white?

Gofindsimon from New Zealand

RE: Dark Colored Towels Bled on Light Colored Towels

In Canada there is a colour remover used before re-dying a garment. I think the brand is 'Tintex'. If the towel is white, you could just use bleach. Another way is to re-wash with lots of detergent. I was in the dry cleaning/laundry business for over 30 years, and all of these remedies worked. I would probably just pre-soak in bleach and hot water - then wash as usual. (01/17/2006)

By PoPo

RE: Dark Colored Towels Bled on Light Colored Towels

I had the same problem and found the answer. I live in the USA and am not sure you can find this product in your region or online (I didn't do a search), but it's made by Rit (Fabric Treatment), called White-Wash. You simply put the stained garment into the hottest wash cycle possible for that fabric, use detergent as you would to wash it, and open the packet of WHITE WASH by Rit and slowly pour into the washing machine. Be aware to NOT breathe the dust or fumes that may emit as you pour it. It is safe for white fabrics which cannot be bleached that can be washed in hot water, and it is wonderful. (01/17/2006)

By Rita

RE: Dark Colored Towels Bled on Light Colored Towels

If the towel is white, simply soak it in soapy bleach water. It should come out. (01/17/2006)

By hvnlyhills

RE: Dark Colored Towels Bled on Light Colored Towels

A long while ago a woman gave me this hint to remove lipstick from white uniforms that had gone through the dryer. Worked like a charm. Fill a bucket with the hottest water possible. Then add powdered automatic dishwasher detergent (cheapest is just as good). Swish around. Let stand until it gets cool enough to immerse your hands for a few minutes. Then wash as usual. I hope this works. It worked on the uniforms. (01/17/2006)

By darlene

RE: Dark Colored Towels Bled on Light Colored Towels

Get Ridix or Ridex (not sure of the spelling) they are mainly dyes, but they sell a dye remover that is wonderful. Around here all the grocery stores sell them. It has even removed dye from a sheet that was dried, after I had something washed with a red bath mat run in the washer. I used the stove top method on the box and it worked wonders. Good luck. (01/18/2006)

By cyclendogs

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