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Decorating a Trailer Like Santa's Sleigh


I am looking for ideas on decorating a 18' trailer as Santa's sleigh for boy scouts.

Tom from Texas



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By dede smith [19] 12/01/2008

For a professional look, our FHA chapter took chicken wire and draped it over the edge of the trailer to make a "skirt". We stapled the wire on the edge of the trailer, and cut it down( use gloves!!) to size, so that it made a nice "skirt" to hide the wheels. We then unfolded paper napkins and placed in their center a small wad of newspaper, and twisted them shut, leaving a good tail on each of them. Use just enough that you can twist shut the napkin and still fit/stuff the wad through the wire holes. You can do every other hole and the completed effect is beautiful!
As for the sleigh, visit a furniture store for some really big cardboard! Use lots of tinsel, and dress the kids as elves or let them be the reigndeer!

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