What Colors Go With Sage?


I have a cotton sage duvet cover and shams. They are solid sage. I got them cheap and wanted to dress it up a little bit with other colors. What other colors go good with sage on a bed?




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By mps (Guest Post) 08/12/2005

A deep purple (like egg plant or a little lighter "dusty" version). My wife and I have this color scheme in our bedroom.

My brother in law is a little more daring and used a tomato red with the sage green and it looked alright.

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By guest (Guest Post) 08/13/2005

gold looks nice with sage

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By personia (Guest Post) 08/13/2005

Bright colours like orange, aubergine, rose, violet & turquiose.

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By Liz Valette 1 2 08/13/2005

Bright colours like orange, aubergine, rose, violet & turquiose.

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By Kendy 5 130 08/13/2005

My MIL has sage, burgundy and dusty pink color scheme in her bedroom- classy and restful. I love it.

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By April Harris 3 1 08/13/2005

plum aslo looks great with sage

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By Joanne (Guest Post) 08/13/2005

I am using sage and lavendar in a bathroom and also have pale yellow in there, too.
It looks very nice.

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By SNIGDIBBLY (Guest Post) 08/14/2005

Sage isa neutral and goes with anything.

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By Beth (Guest Post) 08/14/2005

My first choice would be royal blue and soft peach. Think of your favorite flowers. Sage is like the foliage in a garden. If the flower colors are compatible with one another, the sage will be supportive of them as well.

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By Carrie 2 351 08/14/2005

Almost any color will go with sage, as you can see from the other answers. The trick is to find colors that go with your sage.

There are two ways to go:

1. Go to a paint store and get or buy a fan deck, that big wheel of paint chips with all the colors in it. This is a great decorating tool. Match your duvet to one of the chips and write the # down or put a little tape tab on it.

If you want an elegant, formal monchromatic room, use other shades on the same strip, in and out from the center. If you want a more colorful or less formal room, pick colors at the same level in from the edge on other strips that look good to you. Mark them. Go back to the paint store and get the matching cards for each of the colors you have chosen.

Go shopping for fabric or made goods.

2. Pick the duvet's color like you did in #1 above. Find an upholstery fabric with lots of colors in it--like a tweed--that goes well with the duvet color, and that you like. Buy one yard or the smallest piece you can buy, but at least 1/4 yd. It's called a memo.

Use this piece to choose matching colors, even if you have to pull one thread loose. After all, a really good artist was paid to put together these colors, so we're "buying" good color combining. Also, if the fabric is this year's color, inexpensive things will match it too, like waste baskets. Out-of-date or discontinued fabric won't do this, so shop at a nice upholstry shop if you can; ask if fabric is "this year's" colorways.

Once you have your sample fabric, use it to chose colors for less costly fabrics or goods.

Remember, you may do a summer room and a winter room by changing the less costly items, like pillows, throw rugs. If you sew, and that's a great skill to learn, make your drapes or curtains two-sided, so they may be turned around.

Have fun.

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By Annette (Guest Post) 08/14/2005

I thihk a Taupe color, or a darker shade of Sage, a light plum, brown/chocolate.

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By Holly 367 1,264 08/14/2005

My daughter's bedroom is done in shades of red and black with sage as an accent. Looks very modern.

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By Teri (Guest Post) 10/10/2005

Hi Geordan!

By now you have probably already turned that room into something marvelous, but on the chance you're still looking:

A VERY basic way to plan colors in a room exercises a 60-30-10 guildline: That is, utilize 3 colors for MOST of the room's colors. Generally, it is split up thus: the color making up 60% is on the walls, ceiling; the 30% is Surfaces/seating (depending on room type); 10% in accents.

As you've seen by all these replies, sage will go with ANYTHING -- and as you currently have it in what would be the 30% 'role' you have a very wide range of choices.

Many people take the same approach to colors, that is asking what goes with what, and then settle on neutrals -- a safe approach but usually unsatisfying.

On approaching your room, ask first what KIND of feelings you want the room to generate to YOU and anyone else who spends a good deal of time there.

Is it your oasis? (Maybe paint the walls a deep aqua and use a range of creams for the 10% accents and throw in a few peaches or corals?) Will it be a place you want to feel awake, alive, generative? (Perhaps an earthy rust with forest green and yellow as accents?) The list goes on.

ANY three colors can be used together, provided you're willing to try things out AND to throw away that which obviously doesn't work.

One last mention -- ALWAYS use a touch of black if black isn't one of the 60-30-10. No one's quite sure why, but a few black picture frames, black tie-backs on drapes, whatever, enhances any room!

Most of all -- have it YOUR way!

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By Amanda (Guest Post) 02/06/2006

I have a sage sofa and loveseat i was wondering what colors should i use on my walls also i am looking into new carpet which would be a color to try, i thought a grey color would go or do you think that it to much.""

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By Cat (Guest Post) 04/12/2007

Lavander, very pretty together!

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By (Guest Post) 10/04/2008

A pale green?

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By The Single Dude (Guest Post) 02/13/2009

I want to paint my guest bedroom hazy sage. I have sage bedding and sage window treatment. Want other colors will go with these items. (Ideals Please). I can change the bedroom and window treatment color if recommended, but I like the sage bedding. Can you please HELP me? Thank You

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By mistygboy 1 11/29/2013

I'm doing taupe and burgundy with my sage couch.

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By Ruby L 1 09/01/2015

I've added a plum and white.

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