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Slogan Ideas for a Beach Themed Dance

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I am in charge of a big dance coming up in the first of December, and I need a good slogan or catch phrase for it. It has a beach theme, and we have ruled out christmas. If you have ANY good beach themes, I would much appreciate it if you would post them.

Gary from Utah



Recent Answers

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By mary had a litttle lamb (Guest Post)05/30/2007

beach bash party
shake your tale feather

By Ellen (Guest Post)11/22/2005

One year I used a survivor theme. I survived..........???????

By Donna (Guest Post)11/18/2005

How 'bout Life is a beach..........Have a ball!

By (Guest Post)11/18/2005

Christmas in California.
Surfs Up

By Dede (Guest Post)11/17/2005

How about BeachBums Hideaway, or Gone Coastal?

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