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Paint Color to go with Bright Red Furniture


I need help! I own a bright red living room suite (couch and chair) and I do not know what color to paint my living room walls. Does any one have any suggestions?

from Kentucky



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By (Guest Post) 09/29/2005

How about taupe, ivory or confederate blue

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By KLS8800 (Guest Post) 09/29/2005

Bright red as in almost orange, bright cherry red, brick red, maroon? Well, almost any colour could clash. I'd stick with someting like bone, taupe, tan, and if you are super brave, white. Hang art, pics on the wall to tone it down. Put pillows and throws on the furniture. Depending upon the size of the room, that bright of furniture can really make a room pop or shudder. Is there a way you can add some furniture that is neutral?

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By William (Guest Post) 09/29/2005

How about gold ?

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By Beverly 10 6 09/29/2005

I would go with a cream color for walls. That way you can mix and match the cream walls with the red furniture with blue throw pillows and waste baskets and accessories....If you have too much of a powerful color like red, it OVER POWERS the room and the rest of the stuff. Hope this helps. Beverly (Arkansas)

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By Olivia (Guest Post) 09/30/2005

I've seen olive green and gold as accents for red. I think any shade of green and gold/yellow are great with red furniture.

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By Sheryl (Guest Post) 09/30/2005

I'd paint the room white, then use black for accents. Black throw pillows on the red furniture, black lamp shades, black and white drapes. Black and white photos would be really cool frames in red and black frames and hung on the wall too.

Good luck@

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By christine (Guest Post) 10/09/2005

I have red couches and I did a really light grey on the walls with white trim. Black and white photos. A charcoal grey shag area rug and charcoal grey window treatment. Glass coffee table and few accessories. Red in a dominant color so keep it simple. My furniture is quit modern and the room is very contemporary. If that's not your taste I would go with something else. Yellow and red work well for traditional and country style rooms. What style are the couches? It can also depend on the type of red. Red and green are complimentary colors but it all depends on the shades of the two colors whether they will work well together or not. Hope this helps!

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By Teri (Guest Post) 10/11/2005

Greetings Denise!

Funny you should mention red -- my living room sofa and loveseat are both deep red. I've opted for two tone walls -- medium brown and light brown -- with cream ceiling. My windows have dark wood blinds, floor is honey parquet. I've opted to make the fabric for my drapes -- vertical stripes incorporating 3 shades of "earthy" green, cream, red (just a touch), black (a touch), and a deep turquoise.

I'll also use these fabrics (which are "satinesse" with a great sheen and were all purchased at Joann's for .99 to 1.99 per yard) throughout the room on a small round table and cushions for the seating.

While I don't always follow it, one color guideline which is definitely helpful is the 60-30-10-- one color takes precedence (usually walls and ceiling) at 60%, the next at 30% (seating, floors?), then the third at 10% (accents). When choosing your colors, try using this as a guide, you can ALMOST not go wrong. And remember, a little black should always be incorporated -- picture frames, other small accents -- if black isn't in the 60-30-10.

Good luck! :)

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By A. (Guest Post) 03/13/2006

I have red couches and did gold in my next room over thinking it would compliment- the first visitor thought of mcdonalds so I moved to a lighter yellow which looks great- I say white walls fun/colorful accents

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By 1296 (Guest Post) 07/17/2007

We have a red sofa and a red love seat in our living room. We painted the walls a pale yellow, and bought yellow chairs that we placed red pillows on. The two colors work togetherr extremely well, if you choose the right shade. Be careful not to go too bright yellow.

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By Helen (Guest Post) 07/18/2007

Ive seen buttermilk with red before and it looks fab - its a soft warm creamy colour which really does compliment red alot - white is too bright and clinical and going with another stong colour on your walls will make you house look smaller and I thnk if you've such a fab suite of furniture make it the main Wow feature in the room, don't let the walls take from it.

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By Carla (Guest Post) 07/22/2007

I also have red couch/loveseat. I painted the walls a light mocha color, with one large wall opposite the furniture a red that is the same color as the furniture. It looks awesome.

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By Garretta Rollins 1 10/11/2007

I have red furniture and peach carpet and walls. This combination does not look good. I am thinking about mocha carpet and walls. Does anyone have other suggestions for carpet and walls? I also have a 4 year old so I need a carpet/wall color that doesn't get dirty quick. Does anyone have pictures of their rooms with the red furniture?

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By Angela (Guest Post) 11/25/2007

I just purhased my red sectional and chair I plan on painting the walls a light olive green I get alot of my ideas from furniture sales papers. I let you know how it goes I plan on accents with dark cherrywood that looks almost black.

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By Jo Ann (Guest Post) 02/17/2008

A tan or caramel color looks good with red. Anything in brown tones compliments red. Hope this helps. Jo ann

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By wilsx4 (Guest Post) 11/25/2008

Bisque looks great. I have bisque furnture with alot of red accent...AWESOME!!!

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By Tasha (Canada) (Guest Post) 12/08/2008

I have a similar problem. However, my red furniture is in my bedroom. I also have a few other brown and black pieces in here. Does everyone still think creamy ivory? What a bout a light aqua blue? Would that work?

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By (Guest Post) 01/09/2009

I also have a red couch and my living room/dining room is very open. I have pale blue walls with one wall in the dining room bright red and a chair rail wall paper border of a Parisian street scene. Yellow accents and hardwood floors. Very country french. Also have an old grape vine with a freestyle glass top coffee table. I love my reds and blues.

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By Theresa (Guest Post) 01/19/2009

I have red furniture and black dining room set. My house is open with no walls between rooms. What other color can go with this?

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