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Grease Stain on Suede

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I placed my brand new suede handbag on the floor of a theater, a greasy spoon restaurant and at the end of the day there were several grease stains on the bottom. I don't know what to do. I'm afraid of making it worse by using the wrong products.

By Harriet from Albany, NY


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By Gina Johnston [12]11/08/2009

I believe that the appropriate substance is called Fullers Clay, and it will absorb the grease. Washing suede is darn near impossible, but if you go to a shoe or leather shop and explain the problem, they should be able to fix you right up. Good luck!

By lynda [12]11/07/2009

If it were mine, I'd use laundry Twenty Mule Team Borax and rub it is extremely well but not so well as to rub the nap off the suede. You may have to buy a suede brunch after it soaks into the Borax to brush the nap back into suede.

I use it for a number of things and find it does a good job. I'd avoid using water at all costs because it will make the spots stiff when dry. I'm assuming the color is med to dark. If light, you may have an ongoing problem with stains of all sorts. Perhaps you can determine if it's real suede or man made. If real, it might take a waterproofing spray from a shoe repair store to repel future stains? If man made do NOT use any waterproofing because it has silicon in it and can damage man made products. God bless and help you.

By Marge Mayhew [2]11/03/2009

I would first set the stained bottom on a thick layer of cornstarch. After awhile pick it up and brush off the cornstarch with a stiff little brush perhaps a dry toothbrush. Do this numerous times giving the cornstarch ample opportunity to absorb the grease.


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Archive: Grease Stain on Suede

Sponge spot with a cloth dipped in white vinegar. Dry and restore nap by brushing with a suede brush.

Source: MSU Extension

RE: Grease Stain on Suede

My daughter got grease on her suede boots. We tried the vinegar which worked a little, but what was even better was to lightly use a regular pencil eraser on the spot. It worked great. Good Luck. (11/18/2007)

By Melanie

RE: Grease Stain on Suede

I've just tried the rubber (eraser) remedy to tackle a lot of grease marks over my brand new suede jacket. I bumped into someone in greasy overalls on my way to work. I'm so impressed, it's done a really good job. I thought the jacket may be ruined. Thanks so much! (05/19/2008)

By Jill

RE: Grease Stain on Suede

I ate a small salad without taking off my nice suede coat and got balsamic on the lapel. I used some suede leather cleaner and then I just did the eraser thing on my suede jacket, now I'm all set. Tip: Don't panic, go slow, and don't ruin your item. (01/10/2009)

By elstringsio

RE: Grease Stain on Suede

Thank you for the eraser tip! This really works. I just tried it on a suede jacket that I was thinking about throwing away due to a big, ugly grease spot on the front. Now I have to search for the place where the stain used to be. (02/12/2009)

By Jennifer

RE: Grease Stain on Suede

Thank you, thank you. I bought a pair of suede shoes and the 1st day wearing them, I spilled salad dressing on them. I only had baby powder available at the time so I put some on the stains, let it sit for a while, and brushed it off. Although the satins were less noticeable, they were still there. After reading about the eraser trick, I tried it and amazingly they are hardly noticeable now. (07/05/2009)

By lanman2u

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