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Keeping Grilled Hamburgers Fresh


I'm having a graduation party and serving over 100 grilled hamburgers. Any ideas on how to keep them fresh? I'd like to cook most of them early on in the party.

By myoungy from Minneapolis, MN


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By Dave 3 88 05/04/2009

Where I work we had counter days, which is where you get suppliers in and invite custoemrs for lunch and to talk to the suppliers. We would (the counter days are a casualty of the economy) grill the burgers and hot dogs early and put them in a electric roaster (ours is a Nesco) with some water. We set the temp just below boiling. It kept the food hot and the water kept them from drying out.

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By Tina Siegl 26 71 05/04/2009

We've always used the Nesco roaster method that Zoodad described. Rather than water, though, we added some beef boulion cubes so that it was "beef brothy". I'm not sure if that changes the taste, but the aroma sure is good. Being from Wisconsin, we also put some brats on the grill and kept them warm in the broth also :)

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By Myrna 16 1,070 05/04/2009

You could add a bit of Liquid Smoke to the water while keeping juicy and hot. I use my frying pan and a lid to cover for leftover burgers and they're very good. For keeping 100 burgers hot, you probably could use a large pot with lid and add water to the bottom then place a rack in it to keep burgers from absorbing the water while the steam keeps them hot.

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By Frances Adams 11 557 05/05/2009

My friend Carol taught me how; use a large crock pot, or several if you need them, and put the patties, along with the beef cubes as described above, or just with some canned beef broth. Keeps the patties moist and hot!

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By it' 169 254 05/06/2009

If you don't have a trivet, use balled-up pieces of foil instead.

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