What Do I Use to Glue Sand Dollars on the Bathroom Walls?


I want to glue real sand dollars to my semi gloss painted bathroom walls for a 3-D border look. What kind of glue would I use? I don't want the steam from showers to cause them to fall off.
Has anyone else tried something like this? If so, what were your results?

By Cyndie from Jefferson, GA


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By Jess 95 39 05/03/2011

I would recommend trying regular wood glue for a project like this. It's a great "all purpose" glue for glueing things that are not plastic or glass. Anything with a slightly rough service, like a sand dollar, will stick just fine.

The one problem I can anticipate would be the dry time. Super glue would dry faster but would become brittle over time for this kind of use and most likely you would see your sand dollars falling off after a couple months. Use a hair dryer for a couple minutes on each one to get the wood glue to start setting quickly. Once it is set in place you can move on to the next shell. Of course, removing them later is going to be an issue no matter what type of glue you use, but you already knew that.

I must admit I have not tried anything like this before. It sounds like a lovely idea though. We recently painted our bathroom a neutral grey or "sand" color and have a general marine theme as well. We might steal your idea! :-)

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By Chuck 22 182 05/04/2011

Buy a small tube of clear silicon sealant, although any color will do.

Silicon is used to assemble home aquariums BTW, if you are concerned about the quality.

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By kerly87 21 193 05/05/2011

I would probably glue a square of velcro on the back of the sand dollar with super glue, and the matching square on the wall. Would make them easy to take down and clean.

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By Sandi/Poor But Proud 447 2,065 05/05/2011

E-6000 is the best, but she is right, it might be a bit to dry. If you want them to stay for a long time, you might consider the glue, then a small nail to keep it 'in place' till the glue dried, with a bit sticking out to pliar out once it does.

The velcro is a great idea, and is less invasive on the wood. You can just consider the nail if you are very careful.

When you get it done, share it with us!! It sounds pretty!

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By Louise B. 6 2,504 05/05/2011

My son stuck CDs all around the top of his walls like a border using the blue sticky tac that you use for posters and so in schools and offices. They stayed up for years, until he moved out of the room. Sand dollars, the ones I have seen, are quite small and light, and I think the blue tac would hold them. I don't think that the humidity would be a problem. Sometimes this blue tac takes off little chunks of paint if it is stuck on the wall for years, but you would have less trouble with this than with any kind of glue. I would try this blue tac before I tried glue, as it will be easy to stick the sand dollars to the wall with it (no drying time) and they will be easy to remove if you want a change or need to clean them. Try it and let us know how it works.

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By Ray S. 1 05/06/2011

I would try hot glue. Small dab on dollar and let cool a bit before placing on wall. Just might not pull paint if you remove it. Would not work in sauna but I've got stuff thats been stuck up for years.

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