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Use Yogurt Instead Of Milk For Breakfast Cereal

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Try mixing breakfast cereal with yogurt instead of milk for a nice change. I like to even match up flavors, the caramel pecan cereals mixed with caramel or vanilla yogurt is one of my favorites. It's even good with the plain yogurt, plus you also get the benefit of the good bacteria from it.

By Patricia from Imperial, NE



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By Sharon Young (Guest Post)08/05/2008

I thought I was the only one who did this! lol I'm a diabetic and one can only consume so much soy milk, so this is a great alternative for a low carb breakfast.

By jon (Guest Post)08/05/2008

I often use a small scoop of lite vanilla or butter pecan ice cream on my hot oatmeal. Kids love it this way` It provides both the milk and sweetness. I like your suggestion of yogurt, due to the bacteria.

By Carol Saylor (Guest Post)08/04/2008

I have used many flavors of yogurt halved with water and added to instant pudding for years. It started on a camping trip when I forgot to bring enough dry milk. Our favorite is raspberry yogurt and chocolate pudding mix. Equal parts of an 8 oz container of yogurt and water, and you have a new creamy dessert. The flavor combinations are endless - Vanilla pudding and any fruit flavor yogurt is a given, enhance it with fresh or canned fruit of the same flavor. Chocolate pudding and any kind of yogurt is perfect. Lemon pudding goes best with the tropical blends of yogurt. Empty an 8 oz container into a bowl, add equal water, add your pudding mix - and create!

By Speed (Guest Post)08/04/2008

Yogurt on cereal is a great alternative for those of us who are lactose intolerant!

By Pat [7]08/04/2008

I do this as well! Actually , this is how the europeans eat their yogurt with their granola in the mornings. My fav was the greek yogurt with their honey and granola.

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