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Freezing Cooked Beef

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beef pot roast

If you have leftover cooked beef, such as roast, stews, or curries you can freeze the leftovers for a future meal. This is a guide about freezing cooked beef.



Here are questions related to Freezing Cooked Beef.

Question: Freezing Cooked Beef

Can you freeze cooked beef that has been refrigerated for 2 days?



Best Answers

By Joanna Hughes [3]08/26/2008

Absolutely! The quicker you freeze meat after it has cooked and cooled - the better. You should have no problem freezing it. Sniff and nibble if you are suspicious- wrap it so you keep out as much air as possible to keep from freezer burn and label clearly. Good job on saving money!

Best Answers

By doodles [8]08/25/2008

There is no problem doing that! I do it all the time - if I have enough and I don't want to do anything more w/ it right away. Just make sure you wrap it well, as air tight as possible to avoid freezer burn.

Question: Freezing Beef Curry

If I make a beef curry from frozen beef. Can I re-freeze this after it is cooked?

R Lewis from Norwich UK


Best Answers

By Grace (Guest Post)02/03/2007

When you are making the beef curry, do not add vegetables eg. potatoes or tomatoes. Make the curry plain and do not add coconut milk. Use kas-kas instead.
Then you can freeze it for long periods. On the day of serving, take a pan, fry some onions, garlic, curry leaves, ginger, and add potato cubes and/ or tomatoes and a little salt, cook it well. Then add the beef curry and heat it up well until it boils. Then serve. It should taste good.

Best Answers

By Debbie Dzurilla [24]02/01/2007

Yes, you can. I am always making things from frozen meats and then freezing leftovers, such as soups, stews, and chili.

Question: Freezing Canned Corned Beef

Can you freeze canned corned beef?

By Syl from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Most Recent Answer

By glenda eileen lockhart [37]11/10/2009

My husband and I love corned beef hash but a whole can makes too much for us. I cut the corned beef in half and wrap half tightly in saran wrap and put it in a frrezer container. It tastes as good after it has been frozen as when it was first opened, plus it gives us two meals for the price of one. I tried freezing the hash but found the consistency of the potatoes wasn't as good.

Question: Freezing Dried Beef

Can you freeze Armour jarred dried beef? I did not use it all when I opened it.

By Ramey

Question: Freezing Cooked Prime Rib

How long can a cooked prime rib be frozen?

By Joanie

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