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Cut Bitter Iced Tea With Baking Soda

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When brewing iced tea, to take out some of the bitter taste, add a pinch of baking soda to the container. Don't overdo it. Just a pinch!

By Mike from Birmingham, AL



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By sherrye (Guest Post)06/01/2007

You can also cut down on sugar in pies that have tart fruit by adding a pinch of baking soda.

By Pat Giles06/01/2007

I just read that you could do the same thing with coffee. I thought I'd try it the next time somebody makes coffee too strong to see if it will help. God bless you!

By Jannie (Guest Post)05/31/2007

I always put a pinch of salt when I brew ice tea...when I brew coffee, I put a pinch of salt in the coffee grounds...when I make a cup of hot tea, I put in some salt grampa used to put salt and egg shells when he made coffee...I put baking soda in the ice tea one time and got too much...never again...

Chumuckla, FL

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