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Area Rug to Coordinate with Red and Yellow

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I am moving to a new home. My couch and chair are a bright red and my walls are a golden yellow. I am wondering what color area rug and curtains I can use to accent the red furniture and yellow walls? Thank you.

jus kate

By juskate26 from Bloomington, IL


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By melynda02/11/2010

My advice... Go shopping and find yourself an Art piece that compliments your taste and includes a majority of the same Red tones as the chair and some of the same yellow tones as the walls. Use it as your inspiration for the room and take your cues from it. It is important that you find just the right piece and the right tones as the chair/walls to start blending them in a way that you want to repeat again as you find other items to decorate with. (Don't settle for sorta with your Art selection and you'll have a easy/good method to work with). Then, find a pillow for the chair in a solid or a pattern with the same tones as the wall color. This will start blending these complimentary colors together and there will start to be less divide in them.

Look to your inspiration piece for a more neutral color that you could also blend in and work with? Are there browns or tans or golds or greys that you could soften the vibrancy of the room with. Take the Art with you as you shop for a rug /go with a solid / a Nuetral tone from the pic with just a band of Red, or go with a pattern that includes all the same primary colors in the art piece. (harder to find) Try not to get to busy with patterns of the same sizes as each other.

Such as /the pic/ the pillow the rug/ vary the size of the designs so they don't compete with each. Try not to go too plain with a bunch of solid colors and not enough patterns or personal pieces that add / blend the colors and show your personal taste. When you go to select lighting if your in the browns gold tones go with bronze if your working with greys or whites go with a satin get the idea! Finish off with accessories such as... /Red & yellow candles/ framed pics/some colorful art glass etc...have fun!

RE: Area Rug to Coordinate with Red and Yellow

By Michelle07/08/2009

I like the tropical print idea, or I would try an olive color. I've done that and it looks great.

By susan winship [4]07/07/2009

Look for tropical prints that will co-ordinate with your yellow and red but will tone them down with cooler or neutral colors, then maybe use one of those other colors in a solid for either the curtain or the rug.

By Corinne07/07/2009

It depends on the kind of look you want. How red is your red couch? I might want to make it very pop-y and find a funky area rug with lots of colors; like blue and yellow etc. Accent your couch with blue pillows and do a red window treatment.

I also think perfume and powders suggestion would look great. It's all depending on the look you want; classic, funky, hip, toned-down?

By joan pecsek [88]07/05/2009

For the rug, use a Persian type with a black and brown design. Instead of curtains use brown matchstick shades.

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