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Dog Licked Up Spilled Grease

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My Dog licked up some spilled grease and now has vomited once and acts uncomfortable. What home remedy can I give her or does she need to go to vet? Thank you for any help.




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By Claudia (Guest Post)08/22/2005

Last Thanksgiving, we had little room in my small kitchen, and put the greasy turkey pan on a low table in the back yard. I forgot it was there and my dog got into it. She threw up a couple of times (nice entertainment for my guests!) but then she was fine. I'm sure that you'll find the same with your dog.

By Maryeileen [76]08/19/2005

I would still call the vet. Even though she seems to be better, there could possibly be after-effects that aren't as noticeable.

Better to be safe, than sorry.

By Sheila. (Guest Post)08/18/2005

It was cooking oil, Murphy had a bad night, I think her belly hurt. Thjis morning she was her happy self wagging her tail and eating. Thanks for your help.

By gazookeeper (Guest Post)08/18/2005

Go to your pharmacy or health food store and get either charcoal capsules or Hyland's Upset Stomach tablets. Both neutralize and absorb toxins and help eliminate digestive problems and both are safe to use with pets.

By sandy (Guest Post)08/18/2005

i agree. the food grease will make her vomit but she should be ok but auto grease. vet now......

By Joe (Guest Post)08/18/2005

If it is food grease, I would call a vet and see if you should bring him in. If it is vehicle grease or the like, I would probably just run him to the vet. Those dogs are soooo small that they don't have to eat much of something to have serious problems.

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