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Shelf Life of Swanson Chicken Broth in Cartons

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My brother drives a tractor-trailer locally and after delivering at a local supermarket, ended up with 3 cases of Swanson chicken broth in the carton like boxes. They expire this month so what I am wondering is does anyone know if you can freeze these and/or does the 2 year after the date rule apply to these like other canned food? Thanks.

By jwmn from Hendersonville, NC


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By Judy = Oklahoma [58]10/24/2010

I just had to throw away one of those cartons of Swanson chicken broth away last week. It expired around 6 months ago, so I thought it might still be good, but boy, when I opened it, you could sure tell it was bad. Peeeeuuuu!

By Debbie Dzurilla [24]10/24/2010

I don't know how many cartons of broth are in a case and if he has 3 cases how many that would be. Would it be hard to use up all the cartons even if frozen? Perhaps he should just give some to family and friends or donate to a food pantry.

By Grandma J [46]10/23/2010

I buy in case lots (use a lot) and different brands. Some have the dates 2 yrs post on them. I open them and they are as fresh as new dates. Most items have a published date to serve for inventory purposes, somethings do not change with date (well, maybe 10 years old) and some things have a major break down in quality. Food shelves, etc have to only hand out non expired foods, no matter how short dated they are. So they can have a totally unregulated area set up of expired products. I would go a year on canned meats/fish, 2 years on veggies. Makes a difference on the package condition. The aseptic boxed container's inception was to make things more shelve stable for longer lengths of time.

By Pixiedust7 [7]10/23/2010

Definitely freeze it in covered plastic containers (leaving room for expansion at the top), or in ice cube trays (but pop them into closed plastic bags so the broth doesn't absorb odors or that "freezer" taste). Use the broth (diluted with water if you're concerned about the salt) to cook rice or pasta in, which gives it extra flavor. You can also use the broth to moisten stuffing, or as a base for gravy.

By Anna Bryant [1]10/23/2010

You can freeze this, but not in the box! To make this easier to use from the freezer try freezing in an ice cub tray. Then add to dinner instead of water. You can use with soups or vegetables etc. You can add a good bit of flavor to most meat or vegetable dishes. If you have a case to freeze you might want to do some make ahead soups to freeze using the stock. One last hint, check the box, these are loaded with salt. Reduce salt in any recipe or dilute the stock by 1/2, that should keep the salt in check.

By LouiseCook [4]10/23/2010

I'm sure they could be frozen because the broth is no different than plain water.however,I would place the carton into a shopping bag to keep the carton from making contact with the Ice in the freezer or other packages you have in there.they could be kept up to a year possibly. I'd try to use them myself before that length of time. Louise

By Lilac [18]10/23/2010

I am sure they can be frozen for up to 6 months.

By Poca [1]10/23/2010

Why don't you just call the 800 phone number if there is one, on the box or carton & ask them. You don't have to say where you got the broth, just about the shelf life like you asked here. They would be the best source.

By mcw [79]10/21/2010

This is the closest product that I could find to compare it to the Swanson Chicken Broth in the carton.

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