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Bugs Inside Mimosa Seed Pods


I thought I was so lucky when a neighbor let me have as many seed pods as I wanted from their Mimosa tree. Next thing I know, while I'm shelling them, I see 90% have a little hole in them from some kind of bug.

I put the whole seeds in a sealed pill bottle with a small container of desiccant. I just got them out to starting planting the seeds when I see holes in the seeds and gnarly little bugs putting their bellies on the inside of the bottle! How can I get quality seeds from a hardy tree without the bugs and holes?

Hardiness Zone: 6b

Jane from Baltimore, Maryland



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By Brenda 25 63 01/21/2009 Flag

The mimosa is one of my favorite trees - I suppose because it brings back memories of climbing my Aunt Ruby's mimosa as a child, as well as being a pretty tree. You should know, however, that most states consider it a nuisance, invasive species and strongly discourage its propagation. As for your bug issue, I have never seen a mimosa that wasn't crawling w/one sort of bug or another because of the heavy sap it produces. As for what specific bug you have there I have no idea, but you could probably due a computer search.

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By Linda 1 86 01/22/2009 Flag

Hello: I don't know what kind of bugs you got in your seeds. But you should consider a seed trade.

THRIFTY FUN has a seed trade.

If you have some seeds of something I don't have I can send you some mimosa seeds for trade. I don't know what color the flowers will be. I still have to plant some of the seeds also.

I don't think the tree will survive our growing zone but wanted to bring the tree in during winter to see what happens. I am in zone 5 a.

But I need to do the reasearch on this plant. Possibly it does survive our zone? Not sure?

I got mine in a recent seed trade.

I am on the thrifty fun seed trade that has the blue flowering wandering jew that is available in the summer.

Linda B

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