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Removing Band-Aids from Stuffed Animals

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How do you get Band-Aids off a stuffed cloth animal? They are really stuck to the cloth and rip when I try to pull them off.

Joan from Philadelphia, PA



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By Leilana Colonna W.03/04/2014

I used a bit of hand cream until it saturated the area, and the bandaid pulled off. No residue. Thank you for the tip! Easy and clean.


Yes, hand lotion worked pretty well even with a very sticky plastic bandage. Thanks for posting.

By Brendan11/26/2010

I just tried the hand lotion suggestion. Worked perfectly. I learned that you can apply it generously and it works better at saturating through. No need to limit it to a drop or two. I pulled up one edge by picking at it and used a toothpick to push the fur down to help get the Bandaid off completely.

By Kris02/16/2010

Thank you so much "ILoveLucy1967"! My 18 month old son recently bumped his head and had to have stitches. To help him with having to wear a band aide, we put one on his favorite friend, a cloth mouse. After just a few days we decided we should take it off, but it just came off in little pieces or not at all. I tried the lotion and it was like magic, the band aide just peeled right off. Thank you for saving "Mouse"! We really appreciate the helpful tip!

By Rikki03/29/2009

STOP AND READ FIRST!I have a VERY smart MOM! In a panic I called her and she said "USE HAND CREAM". I used Jergens.
I applied a two drops, (just enough to cover the surface and around the edges), and I smeared it around. Then I started to pick off the band-aid with my nail and it peeled off in one piece! LEAVING NO RESIDUE! NO greasy mess, and no harm to stuffed animal!
Using any heat will melt the glue and cause you more trouble. Freezing it does no good. So try this! It really works!

By Linda Jones [13]11/12/2008

Wonder if goo gone would removes stickers. Use a tiny bit.

By Bettye (Guest Post)11/11/2008

Try blow drying the band-aid. It will melt the adhesive and then the band-aid should pull off.

By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]11/11/2008

I would recommend laying a warm, damp cloth over the band-aid. Let it set awhile (15-20 minutes should be long enough,) then try gently lifting the band-aid. The moisture should loosen the glue, making it easy to remove, without damaging your stuffed toy.

By (Guest Post)11/11/2008

This is not tried & true, just an idea on how to remove band-aids from a stuffed animal's fur. Try putting the toy in the freezer & see if the band-aid removes easily. Or use a hair dryer on the band aid, but that might leave sticky
residue. Then you'll have to post for ideas to remove that!

By (Guest Post)11/11/2008

Put it in the dryer for a couple of minutes. This should soften it up.

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