Programming a Curtis TV Remote for Use With Direct TV


How do I program the remote to my Curtis TV? It is hooked up for Direct TV service and I don't know if it is adaptable for my Direct TV remote.

By Richard


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That's probably best answered by Direct TV and they should have helped you program the remote in the first place when you ordered the service.

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By Lee Anne Guryn 2 91 10/23/2010

Go to menu, then system then program remote. It will take you through the steps and give you the codes to type in. You can also call Directtv and they will happily help you to do that.

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By Barbara Huggins 8 209 10/23/2010

I guess I'm not understanding what it is you want to do. The only time I use my TV remote is to turn the television on & off and for volume. Everything else is on the Directv remote.

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By Lelia Jo Cordell 51 1,936 10/24/2010

We're DishNetwork rather than DirecTV customers. However, I believe the concept is the same.
You can program your DirecTV remote to control your TV, but your TV remote cannot be programmed to control your DirecTV. It's a proprietary thing. We learned this the hard way recently when hubby's DishNetwork remote for his HD TV mysteriously disappeared. (We never found it and suspect a disgruntled cleaning guy disposed of it.) We ended up ordering a new remote. Thankfully, DishNetwork was willing to waive the replacement fee, and the Tech Support people walked us through programming the new remote to control his TV when it arrived.
If I get the job I just applied for, I'm planning to buy hubby a product called a "Key-Ringer" for Christmas. It's a sort of "locator beeper" for anything you lose regularly, whether it's the car keys, your purse or wallet, or the TV remote. It works up to 300 feet. Attach half the KeyRinger set to the oft-lost item and the other in a safe place where it won't get lost, lol! Reader's Digest said you can order sets for $29.95 at keyringer.com or call 800-776-4888. Hope this helps...

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