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If you have an expired coupon (non-grocery), the store may still honor it. I recently purchased pricey dog food at a pet store. I nearly threw away an expired coupon for $3.00, but decided to present it on the off-chance that they would accept it. I was pleasantly surprised when the clerk noticed the expiration, but did an override on the cash register.

By jrmahon from Shreveport, LA


By Dianna M. 6 15 12/18/2010

This may be illegal and you need to know that they Some stores actually do have a fraud squad looking for people using outdated coupons and those that use fake coupons. Don't just trust the person checking you out, always consult with the real store manager before you use these. Playing dumb doesn't work. They know that line.

Your trying to save money not pay a fine for using them.

Just thought you ought to know this.

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By Grandma J 54 1,041 12/18/2010

As I have posted before: Cub and Walmart both take expired coupons up 3 months expired. Check with your local stores. You have to ask the floor manager if you get any static from the clerk. This is not A posted thing they advertise but is honored. Coupon clubs all know about this info. Military bases for US families is 6 months post expiration.

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By Beth 25 1,120 12/19/2010

Bed Bath & Beyond takes their own coupons no matter how old.

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Archive: Using Expired Coupons

Many grocery stores accept expired coupons. I know in the Chicago area Jewel grocery stores accept them.

By Jen B

Archive: Using Expired Coupons

Cub Food Stores and Walmart Stores (at least here in MN) are taking coupons with expiration dates 90 days post. You have to have the checker verify with floor manager, as they all don't seem to retain that information.

By T and T Grandma from Benson, MN