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Does anyone know the name of the catalog that sells things for $19.99 and less?

Sylvon from Plantation, FL



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By Heather (Guest Post) 11/02/2007

Try Collections etc. http://www.collectionsetc.com

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By Pheobie (Guest Post) 11/02/2007

It is called Collections Inc. Hope this helps.

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By heather 1 11/02/2007

check collections ect.

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By Julie 49 565 11/02/2007

i think you mean this one but there is another one that i just discovered thats just as good i listed it also. ask for free catalogs before you order to save on shipping i just recieved one today from collections and on the front page it has a coupon code for $2.99 flat rate shipping fee on any amount ordered. those coupon codes are also good to use numerous times not just once and you can use the code for internet orders as well, not just nessarily from that catalog. the other catalog site is so neat too, there shipping is very reasonable

the other one is

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By suzanne 278 750 11/02/2007


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By Tonya Hundley 11/03/2007

Collections Etc

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By Amber 1 11/05/2007

You should also try ABC Distributing. They have items over 19.99, but everything is a good deal. Plus all their stuff is good quality.


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By ann (Guest Post) 11/05/2007

The catalog is COLLECTIONS and they have a web site. Most things come from CHINA so I am not sure if they have lead paint in the articles. A lot of things have to be assembled and often things are on back order. But they are pretty. WE did our extra room with a nautical theme and its very cute.

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By Faith (Guest Post) 11/05/2007

Collections Etc. has a nice online catalog. www.collectionsetc.com
You can watch for specials and get free shipping.

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By Doris Smith (Guest Post) 11/09/2007

I believe the one you are looking for is Collectionsetc.
I buy from there and they have pretty good merchandise.

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By Esther from Plainfield Ohio (Guest Post) 11/10/2007

Also good is http://www.terrysvillage.com Both on here to look up.

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By Kimberlee (Guest Post) 11/13/2007

Harriet Carter usually has most items for under $20. www.harrietcarter.com and has an actual catalog too.

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By sly212 (Guest Post) 11/14/2007

Where can I buy new secret seven adventure by enid blyton?

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By sue castle (Guest Post) 01/17/2008

I have been ordering from Collections etc and I have been happy with everything I have gotten so far no complaints. I am ordering in the future the stuff to redo my kitchen they really have a lot of good stuff.

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By Troy/Woodland Wa. (Guest Post) 02/14/2008

I found this catalog called Collections Etc.
I was looking through a Sunday junk ads and found
this catalog and tried it. Received the catalog and ordered
1 item, and when I received the product was EXTREMELY happy with the item. NO complaints! I have ordered approx 12-15 items from them w/no REGRETS!
t r o y 0827 at comcastdotnet use no spaces

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By Kathleen (Guest Post) 02/14/2008

Does anyone remember a fantasy/ gothic $19.99 or less magazine?

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By gail owens (Guest Post) 02/18/2008

collections etc catalog

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By HELEN (Guest Post) 02/25/2008

I just ordered a gardeners cuckoo clock and since you have raised your prices the products seem to be getting cheaper. Made the doors on the cuckoo all crooked and it looks so cheap. I use to get everything I ordered from you and it was great. I think if you are going to raise prices you should do a better job. Right now I am not interested in ordering anything else from you. This is not the first clock I ordered that I have had trouble with. I am really dissatisfied with this product. The item # is100-37-29121.

Editor's Note: We don't sell anything here at ThriftyFun, but we do have product reviews about various products and links and review of other sites.

If you let us know the name of the company you are looking for, we may be able to help you find where to write.

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By Shelly (Guest Post) 03/12/2008


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By karen mlynar (Guest Post) 05/14/2008

Yes iys collections etc. But I ordered 2 items and paid for them up front. I ordered on April 21. My check cleared my bank. I called twice and was told to wait ten days for my order after thirteen days still no product, I called again and was told it never left the warehouse. They don't why so on the 9th of May, I called again (by the way no 800 number either), it's on your bill.

So after I call they say they will send it again it should be here in 4 days.May 12 still no package I call again am told it wasn't shipped till May 12to wait again from 4 to 10 days I asked to talk to manager, and was told they weren't there. And to just wait. I asked to have my money returned and was told to just wait again.Really poor customer service. I won't order from them again. Still do not have my order that I placed in April, but they have my money.

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By Marly (Guest Post) 12/08/2008


It's called Collectionsetc.com.



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By chevy350hd 09/23/2012

collectionsetc.com has a $14.99 or less and a nothing over $20.00 catalog.

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