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Green Slime on Surface of Pond


We have a green (almost a fluorescent green color) algae-like material covering the whole surface of our pond. If you put your hand in it to scoop it up it looks almost like a bunch of tiny seeds and slime that sticks to your hand. Each year it gets worse and this year there are actually plants growing about 6-10 inches high on it. It hardly resembles a pond any more. Does anyone know what this is and how to get rid of it?

jho from Chassell



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By (Guest Post) 10/24/2008 Flag

It sound like algea. Does your pond have an airator pump/filter? If it does clean or change your filter. Airating the water will slow the growth of the algea. Other water plants will also use up the CO2 thats forming in your water.

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By Judi 18 938 10/24/2008 Flag

I agree with the last poster. This isn't "algae-like", it's ALGAE! Aeration clears it up but this requires a system of some sort. Google 'pond aeration' and you'll find info. This particularly heavy time is called the algae bloom. My husband and I just attended a seminar on this subject. I think you could go to OSU web site and get info. They are the ones who sponsored the seminar.

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By chris t. (Guest Post) 10/27/2008 Flag

Every pond or fish bowl gets some sort of algae on it or in it. Depending on the water chemistry, you get different kinds & colors of algae. If you have fish in the pond, you have to be more careful, but water movement has a lot to do with oxygen content of the h2o. If you've ever looked at running streams & rivers, they are clear, then algae grows like small plants on the rocks. What you need to do is get a pond pump & MOVE the h2o. If you have some sort of a filter attached to it, that will help, too.

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By Connie Vowles 3 41 01/17/2009 Flag

I had a very bad algae problem with my pond even with a filter running and lots of aeration. I tried a lot of things but the one that worked was an UV filter. It is an ultra violet filter that attaches to my water line that runs into my filter from the pond. Since I've been using it for the last three years I have not had an algae problem at all. Just be very careful not to touch the bulb when you are installing it. It works. It also does not harm by fish.

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By Janine 1 12 06/23/2010 Flag

I suggest you go on the Pond Lady website. Very informative. I think your water isn't moving enough. They say if your system is balanced with equal plants, aeration, snails, etc., you shouldn't ever have trouble. Something isn't in sync. Do you have something in there to control/eat the algae? Snails? Catfish? Fish?

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