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Last Year's White Almond Bark

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How long does white almond bark last? I have a package from last Christmas. It still looks and smells good, but I don't want to use it if it could go bad.

Char from IL



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By Kim Churchman [3]12/22/2008

Sugar dries things out so well that it's a good preservative, so the almond bark is probably fine.

By Rose (Guest Post)12/21/2008

I have used 2 year old white almond bark and my husband still liked it. After 2 years it does not harden right.

By AuntyC (Guest Post)12/21/2008

I buy loads of almond bark on sale after Christmas and freeze it. I've had some of it SEVERAL YEARS and it was fine. It does seem to lose color after a while but it still tastes and works great.

By jean from MI (Guest Post)12/21/2008

I bought a package of almond bark last year on sale. I just used it to dip pretzels in for the holidays. No problem at all, they are delicious.


If you're talking about baking usage it will be just fine :-) Even to simply eat it is still good but just might not 'look fresh'. Any type of chocolate stays good just about forever ;-)

By sillepeanut (Guest Post)12/20/2008

There should be a out date on the pkg. but normally it is good for a year or more when you melt it you will know if its good because it won't melt smoothly.

By (Guest Post)12/20/2008

I had some left over from last Christmas but it worked like a charm on my peanut butter crackers.Good lunch and a very Merry Christmas! God bless.

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