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Cleaning Stains From Glass Vases

Glass Vase

Cleaning stains on glass vases can be challenging, especially if they are inside the vase. This is a guide about cleaning stains from glass vases.



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Tip: Cleaning a Narrow Necked Glass Decanter

If a bottle brush can't fit into the opening of a narrow-necked vase, try this hint my mother used: Put several broken eggshells into the vase and then add a bit of water. Place your hand over the opening and shake the vase until you can see that the dust and film has come off. Rinse well.

By JodiT from Aurora, CO

Tip: Removing Stains from Vases

Unsightly stains in glass vases respond to soaking in a strong solution of hot vinegar. Finish by washing in hot soapy water.

By Chell

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Question: Removing Water Stains in Glass Vases

How do you get water stains out of glass vases?

By Doris

Most Recent Answer

By Marlene04/08/2013

Gently scour with an S.O.S. pad and rinse. This works on burnt on food, also on glass baking dishes.

Question: Cleaning a Cloudy Glass Bud Vase

What is the best way to clean a cloudy glass bud vase?

By Judy

Most Recent Answer

By Maryeileen09/17/2011

I put my vases in the dishwasher all the time.

Question: Cleaning Stains on Art Glass Used as Vases

How can you remove mineral and oxidization stains from precious art glass pieces that have been used as flower vases at some time in their life?

By jayded from Australia

Most Recent Answer

By Susan Mickelson02/08/2010

Try denture cleaning tabs if it looks like it is safe to hold water.

Question: Cleaning Mineral Deposits From Vases

My crystal vases and crystal glasses that were left with water for more than a couple of days have mineral deposit rings where the water level was. I tried vinegar but that did not work. Does anybody know how to clean these rings, possibly without using harsh chemicals?

Most Recent Answer

By Erin (Guest Post)11/13/2008

When I used to be a waitress we would clean the coffeepots by putting ice, lemon juice, and salt inside and then swishing them around. It would remove stubborn stains, and might work on mineral deposits too.