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Attaching a Gazebo to Cement

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I want to attach a 10'x10' gazebo to the cement next to our in-ground pool. My husband is worried about the strong winds we get through our backyard. Is it possible that the winds will rip the gazebo up out of the cement and ruin our cement?




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By Holly [350]06/01/2007

As someone whose neighbor's patio umbrellas have occasionally landed in our yard, I am interested in the answers!
You might have to install a wooden gazebo.
A neighbor of ours put one in and the whole family loves it. Been trying to get my DH for years to build one, too. She said it has extended the size of her house's livable area. The back porch is huge, has a ceiling fan and two built in planters. Large enough to hold a bbq party and house all the guests in the shade.
Since property taxes are based on the interior space (where we live), this would appreciably increase the comfort zone of the livable area, without increasing the tax base.
If it's raining outside, she can still use the bbq. This is my idea of a good time!

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]06/01/2007

You could try 5 gallon buckets. Put the legs in and fill with sand or gravel. Or mine has little flanges at the bottom where the nails can go through. I put heavy bricks on the flanges and it held it down.

Susan from ThriftyFun

By (Guest Post)06/01/2007

my husband says that if you anchor it down and the winds are THAT strong, he doubts that it will rib up the concrete, it will tear the gazebo apart first...and if you don't anchor it and your winds are THAT strong, it will blow over and break that way!?
Sorry, seems like it is trouble either way, doesn't it?

By Sheryl [1]05/31/2007

We have one of those Gazebos on our back patio as well. My husband doesn't want to drill holes into the stamped colored concrete either. My husband said he is going to get 4 pails/pots, paint them up nicely like my flower pots, place the four corner poles, one in each pot, and pour cocrete mix in around the pole in the pot. That way it is weighted, but not permanently destroying our cement.


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