Hanging a Blanket on the Wall


Could anyone tell me how to hang a blanket on a wall without damaging the blanket? It is not a really heavy blanket.




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By Jess (Guest Post) 12/19/2006

I hung a throw blanket in my foyer with a strip of carpet tack. It is basically a thin board with lots of nails in it. You can buy them really cheap at a hardware store. Just install the carpet tack with the nails sticking outward at the desired height, and then place the top edge of your fabric over the nails. If you had a finely woven blanket, this might not work, but my throw was coarsely woven, and you can't see were it was hung.

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By Jonnie Shambarger 2 148 12/19/2006

I hung a quilt on the wall. Went to Walmart, bought a long decorative curtain rod and 7 clips that were in the same area as the rod, Attached the rod to the wall and attached the clips to the rod and quilt. I had planned to lightly sew a muslin strip to the back of the quilt for a rod pocket, but then I found the clips. It looks really nice.

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By Sandy from WI (Guest Post) 12/19/2006

Needles can be gently hammered into a wall and will hold about 30 lbs each. I did this with my pictures when I lived in an apartment. Small pieces of the needle may break off, usually the eye part, but you should have enough to hang the blanket.

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By Michele (Guest Post) 12/19/2006

I have primitive things in my home. My husband cut out a star shape from wood, that I had drawn out. He also cut a smaller star shape out. Then took two small blocks of wood and nailed them together. (The larger star laid flat and then the blocks of wood on the sides and then put the smaller star on top and nail them together. You then put the blanket/quilt whatever inside the two blocks. It doesn't damage the quilt/blanket and you can take it down and clean it as you like. Now this isn't for a quilt/blanket that you want a full view of...this is only to hang one up for show. Mine is my husbands baby quilt.
I hope I have explained this well.

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By jean (Guest Post) 12/20/2006

I have a throw rug hanging in my living room. It is hung from a decorative curtain rod with cafe curtain clips, with the rod suspended from two of those hooks which attach with peel and stick adhesive. The hooks can be removed without damaging the wall. The hooks come in various sizes, and the packaging states how much weight they will support.

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By Nancy 3 22 12/20/2006

You can by quilt blocks. These are usually made out of wood & the quilt or blanket slides between the blocks & you tighten it up w/ screws then the whole thing mounts to the wall. I bought a set on ebay from a couple who makes them. They are really nice and not very expensive.

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