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Removing Rust Stains from Leather

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leather car seat

Rust stains on leather furniture, car seats, and other items can be difficult to remove without damaging the finish and color of the leather. This is a guide about removing rust stains from leather.



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Question: Rust Stains On Leather Car Seats

I need to clean rust stains off leather car seats. My beige leather car seats have rust stains on them. What can I do to get them out? I tried Lexol, but it didn't work.



Best Answers

By Deb (Guest Post)08/22/2005

Steve, I had a few large orange-rusty looking spots show up on my leather car seat. Never have figured what caused them. Kitchen-type cleaner did no good. Tried Armor-All wipes, and it took a little bit of rubbing, but it all came off. Good luck!

Best Answers

By sharon cross (Guest Post)08/22/2005

Whink Rust Remover will remove the rust from the leather seats. This is a liquid in a brown bottle. I have not bought any for a long time, but I would think you could buy it at Wal Mart or the grocery store.

Solutions: Removing Rust Stains from Leather

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