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Use Microwave To Refresh Masking Tape


If your masking tape comes off in little pieces, zap the roll of tape in the microwave 10-20 seconds and it will work as it should.

By fossil1955 from Cortez, CO


By MB Norton 6 180 11/29/2010 Flag

I will be giving this a try soon. I have thrown away so many rolls of tape thinking they were too old. Thanks for the tip.:)

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By Paula Jo C. 24 258 11/29/2010 Flag

What a great idea thanks, for sharing it with us - I will be doing this from now on instead of throwing it away which I do hate to do.

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By tgg 12 12/01/2010 Flag

Great tip! I have a lot of that. Usually just toss it out. :-)

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By Pixiedust7 7 888 12/07/2010 Flag

What a great tip! I have been so frustrated with masking tape, that I turned instead to freezer tape, which is very similar but seems to be problem free. I suspect I might have a hard time finding freezer tape the next time I need a new roll, but I have an old roll of masking tape I found in a closet. I was dreading using it, but maybe it won't be so bad if I try this tip. Thanks, fossil1955!

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By Hilda Cooper 4 26 01/10/2011 Flag

I was putting away my Christmas decorations & needed to seal a box. Got my masking tape & sure enough it pulled off in pieces. Then I remembered your "microwave" tip. I thought what have I got to lose? If it works I am saved, if it doesn't I would be tossing the roll anyway. Well, thank you, thank you for a wonderful tip that worked. My husband thought I was nuts, but I showed him.

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By Donald 2 4 12/30/2012 Flag

Does this work well with packing tape? We always get the rolls that start good then start lifting off in sections.

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By Linda 3 57 12/30/2012 Flag

Thanks. Good tip.

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By Joyce Lambert 31 146 12/31/2012 Flag

Thanks for a great tip.

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By Jane M. 1 01/18/2013 Flag

Um, I don't have a microwave (by choice). Do you think warming it in my steamer might do the same trick?

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