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How Do I Glue Tissue Paper Neatly?

Does anyone know how to glue tissue paper to paper ie., a card, without making it looking bad/all gluey?

By Milena

Recent Answers

By Stephanie Wolf01/23/2011

I use a glue stick and I put the glue on the paper and press the tissue paper into the glue. Or use a small paintbrush to spread the glue on the paper. Just spread the glue sparingly so the tissue paper doesn't end up all gunky.

By jana [2]01/23/2011

I have never tried to glue tissue paper to paper before, but if you are wanting the entire piece glued (instead of just the corners) maybe a spray adhesive would work. Just a thought.

By Keeper [57]01/23/2011

I've used double sided tape.

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