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Use Pipe to Raise Couch Height

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The older I get, the further down I have to sit, it seems. Being on a disability pension, I was looking for a way to make my couch higher. I have seen blocks made to increase height, but they are very costly. Instead, I unscrewed a leg and took it with me to a hardware store. I purchased a piece of plumbing pipe (black) that just fitted over the wooden foot, increasing the height by 5 inches. For a couple of dollars, I purchased enough pipe (4 x 10 inches) and was able to alter my sofa, a change people notice but can't quite put their finger on. Simple, simple, simple.

Source: This is not MY idea, although I cannot remember where I read it. I do know that it is a novel idea and few have heard of it before. Thank you.

By Flitter from Ontario, Canada



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By Mekisha (Guest Post)06/26/2008

I've been trying to think of a way to do that to our bed without having to purchase "risers". Thanks for the idea.

By Lilian06/25/2008

I will look immediately if I can do this with my couch. Perhaps I can find a fitting for the bottom of the pipe to make it look good and keep the feet from making deep round circles in the carpet.
Thanks for sharing.

By Flitter (Guest Post)06/25/2008

The pipe length quoted was 10 inches (high/long) x 4 pieces (to go over the original legs.) This is plastic PVC or something similar. Hope the picture helps.

RE: Use Pipe to Raise Couch Height

By anbsmommy [9]06/25/2008

Hi, just a short question...
you mentioned a pipe of 4x8 inches...
um is the pipe 4 inches wide and 8 inches high
or is it a 4 inch pipe 8 inches wide
these are pipe sections? want to
make sure I got it right. thanks

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