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Gypsy (Russian Blue and Maine Coon)

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Grey cat lying upside down.

Gypsy is 10 months old. I think he is part Russian Blue and Maine Coon. I got him last summer from the local SPCA. He likes to lay close to daddy, play with his toys and his big sister Angel, a deaf blue healer mix (they are best buddies).

By Clint from Tulsa, OK


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By Beth [25]03/09/2010

This one goes in the Smile File!

By Julia [136]03/03/2010

Hi Clint, I think you may have a clown there. He looks soadorable, and I'm sure he keeps you well entertained with his antics... Maine Coon kitties are known to steal hearts, you know.

Thank you for sharing him with us. Would love to see "his buddie" when you have time.
Julia in Boca Raton, FL


What a cutie! Love the photo ;-)

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