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Getting Rid of Static in Hair

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I need advice. My hair has lots of static electricity. I always use a conditioner rinse. What can I do to get rid of the fly away hair in my face?

Donna from Millbury, Oh



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By a person (Guest Post)02/07/2009

Use lots and lots of hair spray gel and mousse!

By garbage3mail01/31/2009

Try using olive oil, or a weekly conditioning mask. Mashed avocados work well as a hair mask if you are concerned about chemicals.

I would strongly advise not to use laundry products in your hair. The chemicals in them are graded for laundry, not for hair which is damaged easily. Plus, the health risks of that are too much of a gamble.

By Meggan (Guest Post)01/23/2009

When you go to style your hair after drying, why not try a spritz or two of hairspray on your brush before running it through your hair? I usually do this and pony tail my hair and spray around the bangs lightly to keep the flyaways at bay.

By DMJ (Guest Post)01/20/2009

Using static guard or bounce sheets could be toxic since it has chemicals. Maybe that route is not wise.

By DVG (Guest Post)01/16/2009

A quick spray of static guard on your brush will help!

When I'm somewhere where I can't have my static guard handy, I put a small amount of hand cream on my hands, rub together til most of it is absorbed then I run my hands through my hair. Works well.

By LEONA LABINE [40]01/15/2009

I had the same problem. I would watch the girls on the commercials flip their hair and every hair falls back in place, made me jealous.
I found that using gel works. I don't use conditioner. After I wash my hair I put about a quarter size ball of gel on my palms and rub them together and then run my fingers through my hair. Use less if you have short hair. You can then either let your hair dry naturally or blow dry. I found the fly away problem has disappeared.

By julie savard01/15/2009

I might be repeating myself, not sure because i wasn't logged in, sorry.
I wash, condition, rinse, then add about a nickel sized amount of conditioner back into my hair. I put it mostly on the ends and avoid the roots, combing it through really well. It works like a styling product but never gets stiff, sticky or dull and keeps my hair in great shape. Also, if you spritz your hair with water, you can add a bit of conditioner to that.
Another thing to think about is that you might need a milder shampoo in the winter than when it's hot out. Hair shouldn't be "squeaky" clean, that means it's stripping off too much of the "good" oil too.

By VALERIE (Guest Post)01/15/2009

I have VERY oily, thin and staticy hair. I am afraid that leave-in conditioner and dryer sheets will make it look greasy. When I use pomade or defining cream it weighs it down, any more suggestions for all of that?

By EeshieKing [27]01/14/2009

Dryer sheets are suppost to work. I have tried it and it worked. Just rub a dryer sheet straight down your shaft.

By Justine (Guest Post)01/13/2009

Water kills static. You'll notice that the static builds up more when it's not raining and there's low humidity in the air. Try wetting your hairbrush, or put some water in a spray mister bottle and spritz it on your hair.

By Cyinda [214]01/13/2009

Take a dryer sheet (fabric softener sheet made for dryers) & rub this on the top of your head. Just a TINY bit. It works EVERY time!

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