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Are There Home Remedies for Migraines?

My daughter and a niece have had the luck to be given migraines. I would appreciate your suggestions on home remedies for the migraines. I will then pass them on to my daughter and niece. Thank you.

By Linda from Bloomington, IL

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I like to go to and see what they have.

I once got rid of a headache with an applecider tea I made. it had 1 tsp apple cider vinegar and one cup water with 1/8 tsp baking soda. It worked fast.

It depends on what causes it.

Check out the holistic cures at



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I'm so sorry that you're suffering with migraines. My husband gets them more often than me (I might get one or two a year). It seems to me that it's very important to recognize the symptoms and take your medication asap. I get visual auras a little bit before my head starts hurting. I'll notice that my vision seems to darken a bit, and I see something like (as best as I can describe it) static or sparkles. The static/sparkles feel like they're about 6" in front of my face, and I can see past/through them at whatever I'm doing. As soon as I notice the lights, I take my naproxen sodium. If I take it very quickly, I end up with just a regular headache instead of a full-blown migraine.

My husband had to see a neurologist for his migraines, and he told my husband to stop using ibuprofen for headaches (he had frequent headaches anyway, not necessarily migraines). The ibuprofen will take care of the initial headache, and then it'll cause a rebound headache. So the person takes more ibuprofen, and it all happens again. He had us switch to naproxen sodium (Aleve). He still gets headaches, but not as often as he used to.

Another thing, and I don't know if this will help with migraines so much as regular headaches, is hydration. Many of us don't drink enough water, and dehydration can cause headaches. It's such a simple thing to drink more water. When my husband complains of a headache, I ask about what he's been drinking for the day (usually not enough, or mostly coffee/tea), and then I give him a big glass of water to drink. f his symptoms don't improve, he'll take a couple naproxen sodium with more water. If you want to know more about it, do a google search for "dehydration migraine."

And if you haven't already, please ask your doctor about migraines and what you can do about them. Experiences of others are great, but your doctor has your medical records and can give you more personalized advice. It can't hurt to ask. I hope you find relief soon . . . best of luck!

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Go to "Home Remedies for Migraines", lots of info there, good luck.

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I used to get Classic migraines. I looked into what was causing them and tried to avoid those things. When ever I got a classic migraine I would go to a dark room and go to sleep. When I woke I felt alot better.

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Sorry to hear that your daughter and niece get migraines, I know all about that. I've had them since I was 6 years old, normally 1 a week at least. One doctor that I went to said that too much caffeine can trigger them. At the time I was drinking soda or tea all the time, now I've cut back to decaf tea or sodas (you can find decaf Pepsi, etc at some places, or go with Sprite/Sierra mist). Make sure you do not just STOP having caffeine tho, or you will go through a type of withdraws, you have to do it gradually.

Also many of the doctors I've went to have said processed meats (hotdogs, bologna etc) can trigger them. Also, being female, "that time of the month" is a MAJOR trigger.

I've tried the prescription meds (immatrex etc) for mine and most of those did not help AND were expensive so I've found (for me at least) Aleve or Tylenol help, along with a nap in a cool dark room.

Some people can tell when they're about to get one, as Mrs Story said before that she can "see static/sparkles", I typically get a smell, its weird and I don't know how to describe it but if it ever happens to you, you will know it LOL. Maybe the girls have experienced this and can relate, or can start to look for these "signs" and can try to feel better sooner. :)

I hope some of this helps :)

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I too am sorry to hear about your loved ones getting migraines. I suffer from them also. I learned a few things recently. Lavender essential oil works well to get rid of migraines. It works for me anyway. Put one or two drops in your hand and stir clockwise with your finger. This activates the oil. Rub the oil on the back and sides of your neck and behind your ears. Most of the time this does the trick for me. If it doesn't, I get a wash cloth and put a few drops of lavender on it. Then I go lay in a dark room or cover my eyes and place the cloth with the oil on it near my nose. I breathe in the oil. Usually the migraine is gone in a short while.

I also learned some things about causes of migraines. I was at my dentist's office last week, and they showed me a video about migraines. It seems that clenching your teeth (at night especially) causes migraines. They have a nifty mouth guard that fits over your top and bottom front teeth only. This makes it impossible for a person to clamp their back teeth down while sleeping. They want $700 for it, so I'm trying to think of a way to make my own.

I also know from experience that sugar can trigger some of my migraines. It seems that if certain factors are in place: stress, lack of sleep, and sugar. I get migraines. I hope this is helpful.


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As a 30 year sufferer I can tell you there are no foolproof home remedies. If you can identify the trigger you can avoid those things. Nervous tension and stress are huge contributors in some cases. I tend to believe they are hereditary also. There simply is not enough research to be conclusive in the causes and treatments. Mine were hormonal and there was no way to avoid them. So every month I was out of commission for three days. I've been to specialists and clinics in two countries. Here is the weird part: I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and when I started taking oral medication for that the migraines stopped. My doctor said he's heard of it but can't explain it. You have my sympathy and I wish you the best.

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I have a few suggestions. Finally getting mine under control, rather than every 3 weeks, about 3 times a year. I read the Miracle Cure book, which had suggestions I liked. I use peppermint oil. Just open the bottle, take a little wiff. I would put a dot on the temples, rub the back of my neck.

My rheumatologist and neurologist told me to not be afraid of medication to head it off when it starts. I use ibuprofen to start, always take some sort of antacid, like Zantic, to help calm the stomach, allows the med to work better. Have a 2nd step available for more severe migraines. I have oral toridol which I can use up to 30 mg x1. The 2nd dose needs to be in a shot form. I love this as within an hour, my migraine is gone. I don't get sleepy, etc from just the toridol, Dr.'s sometime want to add another drug for nausea, but I don't do it. That makes me sleepy and druggy.

I find when mine start, I head for the local pool and just exercise or swim. Allowing the muscles to stretch and detox helps me move the migraine out faster. I have done acupuncture, meditation, biofeedback, etc so I have a lot in my weaponry to draw on.

My biggest fix on the amount of migraines was when I had my severe eye correction fixed with laser surgery almost 3 years ago. The eye migraine due to my severe nearsightedness was gone. I also am able to drive at night without getting a migraine as well.

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I've suffered from migraines all my life. In earliest childhood, they were eye-related. Getting glasses solved that. I believe they're also hereditary, since my sister deals with them, too. I know my current migraines have various causes: stress, hormones, sinuses and occasionally mild dehydration. My doctor didn't tell me this, I've figured it out over the years.

Dr Isadore Rosenfeld (Fox News Channel, Sunday House Call) advised taking three plain aspirin with Zantac or its generic equivalent, milk or a small meal to protect your stomach. I do this sometimes . Other times I use Excedrin Migraine (or its generic equivalent, since Aleve had no effect.) I also have another strategy. This may not work for everyone, but it's worked for me for more than 30 years: heat.

Since I don't have a reusable gelpack yet (I'll be ordering one soon,) I wet my washcloth in the hottest water I can stand. I fold this lengthwise and wrap it around my neck, at the base of the skull under my hair. I generally sit in the bathroom for half an hour, re-heating and reapplying the hot rag.

I don't know exactly why it works, but I'd guess it's the combination of the steam (for sinus relief) and the heat (for muscle relaxation) that eases the pain. The Excedrin or plain aspirin does the rest.

This works for me, although others would swear by application of ice or cold packs. Hope this helps.

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Exedrin and coffee. The caffeine works probably for the same reasons others have said anything that relaxes the muscles. By opening up blood vessels and improving circulation.

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June 11, 20100 found this helpful

I take about 4-5 heaping tablespoons of instant coffee and mix it with enough water to get it down, but not watery. I've heard that caffeine opens the blood vessels because when they're constricted that's when the head aches come. If it doesnt work in an hour I increase the coffee amount

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