Baking Soda And Vinegar For Tile Grout


We all know vinegar and baking soda are good cleaners. I was cleaning my kitchen drains, you put the baking soda in and then vinegar to let it bubble up and freshen the drains. Well I have a tile counter top and the grout gets stained and crumbs are hard to get out too. I put a thin layer of baking soda down and then put some vinegar on it. I let it bubble up and then gave a light wash with the mixture. After rinsing, I saw how clean the grout was and the tiles sparkled. I tried it on the tile floor in my foyer. WOW. Clean grout with little to no effort. Now I am just bubbling away every place I used either the vinegar or baking soda to clean. No harsh cleaners on my hands. I have a parrot and always used apple cider to clean his cage. It has germ killing properties. Now I will use the bubble mixture to make it even easier. On the rabbits' little box too.

By Valery from Cranford, NJ



By Lynda (Guest Post) 01/25/2007

I'm gonna use your idea asap. Although the Apple
Cider vinegar is slightly acidic, it really kills so few germs that we cannot depend upon it to prevent any illnesses, nor can we depend upon Ammonia. Both
have been recommended by wrong believing folks for years now who just got it wrong. Common germs
are not harmful, so we aren't concerned with these
those two chemicals kill, are we? I've worked in several environments (medical and chemical) and
learned that these "rumors" get started because they are smelly, but they simply only kill a few fungus spores, and only "common household" germs, not "harmful bacteria/virus/fungus", etc. Hope this helps to prevent a reliance upon them for that purpose, although they can CLEAN a lot of things. God bless you. : )

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By Sabine (Guest Post) 02/03/2007

It was OK didn't clean as I expected it to, still had to use bleach!

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By Lindajmeliza 1 07/11/2013

Can you use white vinegar to clear the Tile Grout?

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