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Tiny Orange Biting Bugs

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It's been a week since I first noticed a really tiny (1-2mm) orange/skin color bug on me. Since then it's been crazy. They always are at me when I'm outside (not inside). It's really hard to see it them. It looks like it can jump, but also fly.

Two weeks ago I rescued 2 lost kittens and took them home, so I thought I have fleas. I have no signs of fleas although I'm still concerned. Please help.

This bug can jump (that is why I am confused), fly, and move really fast. I haven't seen any on\in my hair (I check every day), only on my body when I'm outside (not inside). It seems like it does like sun. I actually have a picture of it. My husband put one that we found in his car under the microscope.

The bites look like really tiny red dots! Sometimes you have to look for it to see it. I haven't kept those kittens. I found them one day and the very next day I found people who adopted them. I have been in contact with them only for one day. My problem did start like 4 days after they were gone.

By Stefania


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By neveah45807/29/2013

They are called th rips or no see ums because you really don't see them until they bite you and sometimes you can spot them then. They blend in with my tan skin because of their orangish color.

Go to walmart and get a bug spray I believe its Eco safe bug spray it dreams of peppermint oil but it seems to help. Spray your porches or wear spend most of your time outside but you won't be able to completely rid yourself of them completely. There is a pestiside but I'm not sure the name of it and you can't buy it in a store just on line or have an exterminator come out. Good luck

By Judy = Oklahoma [57]06/25/2011

When they bite you, do you react like Elaine says she does, don't feel it until the next day & then it gets big & red & very itchy?Lasts for days or weeks before it goes away? If so, sounds like you both have chiggers. Do a search for 'chiggers' on the Thrifty Fun website.

By Elaine S. [39]06/25/2011

I have had the same problem and I don't own any animals. You can't feel this insect biting but after they bite, I get a huge red circle about the size of a quarter around the bite. It is not a mosquito bite. I have had them, this is different. It takes so long for the itch to go away. I think I itched with this last batch of bites for 5 days. They are horrible. I put ammonia on them and that seemed to help since that is what is in those sticks you apply to your skin.

By Wilma Long [1]06/24/2011

You might check to see what mites look like. I rescured a kitten several years ago and took it to the vet to be checked, and he found ear mites, and said most feral cats have them. I didn't see them, so I don't know what they look like.

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