Removing a Sticky Residue from Car Windows


I recently got a new car. New to me anyways. The back windows are sticky on the inside. The very back window looks like something was scraped off of it. I've used window cleaner, soap and water, and vinegar and water. Nothing has worked. Does anyone know what I can use to get it off?

By Heather


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By Deanj 917 09/04/2010

Well, if it is a brand new car as you say I would return the car to the dealer and have his recon department clean the glass.

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By Elaine 173 890 09/04/2010

Try some WD-40 and if that does not work, use a product called "Goof-Of". There is another product that you can buy at home improvement stores to remove gummy substance but I cannot remember the name of it right now. If you ask there, they should know.

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By heather 1 1 09/04/2010

It's a used car actually. It was bought from a family acquaintance. I should have stated that. Sorry. I'll try the WD 40 and if it doesn't work I'll try the Goo-off. Thanks.

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By Cindy 1 09/04/2010

Try alcohol or nail polish remover.

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By Pat Phillips 3 72 09/07/2010

Try "Goo-Gone" from the hardware store.

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By Marie 6 31 09/08/2010

Try WD40 it has worked for me on any stickey residue. then after it gets all the sticky off. Regular window cleaner should finish the job.

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By Della 55 09/08/2010

May sound weird, but I have used peanut butter to get labels off of jars that wouldn't come off.

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By Maya Lee 14 172 09/08/2010

I purchased a product from Walmart called Ultra Citrus. It smells like oranges and will take off sticky stuff like bumper stickers, etc.

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By christine M. Thayer 2 232 09/08/2010

Use lighter fluid (like the kind for zippo lighters) on a very small piece of cotton ball or toilet paper & soak the adhesive & rub. You may have to do this twice, but I've kept lighter fluid in my house for over 30 years. Then clean the spot with good cleaner. My ex used to work for a grocery store & they used this way of getting rid of this kind of thing.

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By tnphoenixrising 7 46 07/24/2011

Try plain old vegetable oil then wash with dawn dish detergent, then window cleaner. Anything sticker will come off with vegetable oil.

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