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Homemade Popcorn Toppings

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I was recently at the movies and found they had at least a dozen toppings to sprinkle on the pop corn. I have never seen so many flavors! I loved the white Cheddar kind. Does anybody have any home made popcorn toppings they would like to share?

Krista from Laramie, WY



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By Suzanne Harshaw N.03/28/2012

Nutritional Yeast. This is NOT brewers yeast which will cause gas bubbles. This is a yeast that is inert, but full of fiber, protein, and vitamin B12, and other B complex vitamins. Plus it has a very cheesy taste. My local movie theater offers this as a condiment for the popcorn and I love it. Buy it at your health food store. I got mine at Whole Foods.

By Karen Lawson [7]04/07/2009

These suggestions are making my mouth water! I like italian seasoning on mine! Love M&M's too, with buttered popcorn!

By Jennifer [11]04/05/2009

How do you get the toppings to "stick" to the popped popcorn? Do you have to spray it with a cooking spray, like butter flavored Pam?

By (Guest Post)02/20/2009

Brewer's yeast and little creole or cajun seasoning mixed in is wonderful.
Be careful not to breathe in as you put it in your mouth though. It's like breathing in the powdered sugar from a doughnut!

By Lyn (Guest Post)02/02/2009

I use:
Garlic powder
Parmesan cheese
Red Devil Cayenne Pepper Sauce

Little of each swirl and toss, taste and add more of whatever if need be.

By Jaime (Guest Post)01/17/2009

I just found a recipe online
2 tbs powdered sugar
1 tbs coco powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/8 tsp cinnimon

By millliy (Guest Post)01/10/2009

I love chocolate covered popcorn. Drizzle, let sit, enjoy!

By Amanda (Guest Post)12/10/2008

Engevita yeast sprinkled on top with butter. If you really want to get crazy, add dill and or parm cheese:)

from Salt spring Island

By cinniminny luvr (Guest Post)12/05/2008

If you have ever had bunchacrunchas try them. (bunchacruncha is a Crunch product) also, swedish fish are soooo good. sounds crazy but you have to try it! If you like sour things, try sour patch kids.

By cinniminny luvr (Guest Post)12/05/2008

Sunbutter is good. Sounds crazy but yum! (Sunbutter is a variation of peanut butter. That works fine too.

By cinniminny luvr (Guest Post)12/05/2008

Try cinnamon, honey, and butter if you want. So good!

By (Guest Post)12/04/2008

Can't go wrong with garlic powder. Also there is a popcorn seasoning you can buy (I bought mine a wal-mart) that is a ranch seasoning. MMM!

By Christie Sexton11/15/2008

MY brother-inlaw loves popcorn. He is one of my hardest to get a gift for. Any idaes on popcorn toppings as a gift ? PLEEASE.

By amber (Guest Post)10/10/2008

m&m's :)

By Tinker130 (Guest Post)08/13/2008

Garlic powder, parmesan cheese, and chili powder

By Nancy (Guest Post)06/12/2008

I add yummy toppings to plain organic, no salt-no fat added microwave popcorn. Remove popped corn from bag a little at a time into a bowl. Spray with Butter PAM spray. Next sprinkle with sea salt. Next sprinkle generously with Parmesan cheese. If you want even more flavor, melt a little unrefined virgin coconut oil (available from health food stores). Drizzle it lightly over the popcorn. It's amazing.

By Jschaef (Guest Post)05/03/2008

I pop popcorn with vegetable oil hot sauce and chili powder. mmm

By HHHT (Ian) (Guest Post)09/01/2007

I think you should "EXPERIMENT" with different seasons, spices, and toppings (If I were you, I would experiment with UNSALTED popcorn).

By (Guest Post)07/20/2007

i cant believe its not butter spray, cinnamon powder, splenda, with popcorn popped in a large saucepan with light canola oil. Very inexpensive, delicious and low calorie.

By Lissco (Guest Post)07/27/2006

My Hubby makes the best popcorn. Sometimes, I even sneak it into the movie theatre with us. He pops it up in a pan-just like the "Olden Days" then sprinkles onion powder, garlic powder, and a little chili powder. Its wonderful!! and with just a hint of spicyness, its FingerLickin Good!

By teraspawn (Guest Post)07/26/2006

If you're eating sweet popcorn, mixing cinnammon with sugar and sprinking it over the top is always nice.


By darcey fitrakis07/26/2006

we use butter an dust it with ranch powder salad dressing. and you could do it with italian powder too if you like it instead

By Harriet (Guest Post)07/25/2006

My husband and I like to shake onion powder and garlic powder on our popcorn. We don't add salt.

By Sara C [1]07/23/2006

We like to sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top of freshly made popcorn. DH likes garlic on his - odd, but true! I've also heard that Brewer's Yeast is yummy!

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