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You are all so helpful that I thought I would ask you all if you know of any sites with free downloads of miniature books to print out. I am making a library in my dolls house and want to fill it with "proper" books. I really look forward to receiving my emails everyday and always find a clever tip or idea to copy. - Ann from England (UK)



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By Lee-Ann (Guest Post) 11/10/2004

Try a google search for "Jim's dollhouse pages". He has been touted as having the most comprehensive site for mini printables.

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By aletha (Guest Post) 11/11/2004

You also could try reducing a book that is no longer under copyright law on a copier.

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By Mandy (Guest Post) 12/05/2004

I am also looking for sites with printable mini books for my dollshouse. I have found one with a little childrens book, which is www.printmini.com ,and you need to go down the list and click on "printable antique book". If you have found any other sites, please e-mail them to me at wrighty54@aol.com.
Many thanks.

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By melody_yesterday (Guest Post) 12/20/2004

there MIGHT be some here - I just don't have time right now to hunt for it

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By melody_yesterday 228 665 01/18/2005


lots of mini books here & news papers & more !
& here'smore ! http://www.ashgroveacademy.org/hittyprintmini/printminischoolroom.htm
mini printi catalogshttp://www.geocities.com/miniboopin/catolog.html
more catalog mini printi Vintage ! :)http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery ... ?p=999&gid=757993&uid=415557
Wee Tyme's Library (mini printi books for your doll house !) http://members.tripod.com/~DeeDee_Revia/library.html
a couple of phone books http://www.geocities.com/miniboopin/office.html
Mini Monopoly game /box/board/$ & cards !
http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/minib ... r=ef5d&.dnm=c184.jpg&.src=ph
mini printi books for kids/etc ! http://www.geocities.com/boopjeans/
Victorian Scrap Book & things to put in it ! http://www.angelfire.com/hi/harmonia/SCRAPS.html
Family Photo Album http://www.angelfire.com/hi/harmonia/ALBUM.html

Cut small items from the Sunday Advertisements, the credit card pics on the back and any other item that appears Fashion Doll-sized. It is better with the glossy ads not the ones made from newsprint.
Glue these on cardboard with Elmer's glue. Then put a layer of Elmer's glue on the top as a sealer.
Let dry.
Then, cut the objects out. You can make lots of cute accessories to put in the shopping bags.
These aren't books but I HAD to share this !
http://www.lutjeboudel.nl/tekst.php?tekst=links&taal=nl click where it says PRINTJES on the right there's some books on the last link under that subheading PRINTJES in PDF format
PRINTABLE MINI MYSTERY BOOKS !http://miniatures.about.com/library/printables/blbooks_mystery.htm

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By jessica (Guest Post) 01/07/2007

lucky i read your post ,ive found free printable books '@ all things mini . also jean day minitures. or jennifers printable papers ,if you find a link for a french web site please visit very good tiny detailed stuff oh and books too !im in uk too. lol

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