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Centerpieces for Teachers Welcome Back Luncheon


We are planning a Welcome Back luncheon for the teachers at our school. I was trying to think of a neat centerpiece to put on the tables. I need 12 of them. I was thinking of tying a ribbon on one chair from each table so that a lucky teacher could have a keepsake from the event.

CF from Virginia


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By Linda (Guest Post) 08/21/2005 Flag

How about an easy to maintain plant, dolled up however you want, that the teacher can take and keep in her classroom. Nothing with apples, please!

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By Lisa Mutton 5 68 08/22/2005 Flag

I like the plant idea, and the "no apple" part, but maybe you could spruce those plants up a little and make them "school-y." A lot of teachers I know, spend a lot of their own money on special "good job" items for the kids, like stickers, pencils, markers, pencil sharpeners, etc. Maybe you could surround the plant with with items like this, sticking out all around and in the middle of it - stickers come in long strips and could be inserted, as could pencils, and some of the smaller items could be attached to pipe cleaners and inserted. This would give a deserving teacher a few things to get the year started. Or, you could do away with the plant altogether and just load up a large terra cotta pot with school supplies and arrange them like a flower arrangement. The teacher could then re-use the pot or just keep it handy on the desk.

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By Lisa 2 3 08/23/2005 Flag

I think the last idea was so cute and functional! Having been a teacher I would have loved that!!!!

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By Ann (Guest Post) 08/25/2005 Flag

I was going to suggest a plant also and to get tape measures at the dollar store to use as a ribbon around the pot (the tape measure brings in the ruler theme but could be used by the teacher in class or at home). Could also be used as a ribbon around a flower pot holding the supplies.

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By cf from Va (Guest Post) 08/27/2005 Flag

Thanks for all the feedback. I did use the plant idea, I tried taking a mum (they had the prettiest ones at Walmart in our school colors), and wrapping the bottom with a fabric that was coordinating, well it looked too drab. So I took all the mums back and got the vases and gemstones and did the peace lily plant coming from the top. I am sure you have seen these done before most of the time they have a fish in them. Thanks again for all the ideas, I really appreciate it. The teachers loved it!

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