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Does Vinegar Work for Fleas and Cats?


Hi everyone- I have been reading about using vinegar for fleas on dogs but what about cats? My daughter has 2 cats and they never go outside, but somehow fleas get in the house on clothes or something. Both cats are older and a little on the chubby side. Thanks.

By cybergrannie from Florida


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05/18/2009 Flag

I believe most people use apple cider vinegar. If they were my pets, I would contact a vet before giving something as acidic as vinegar. Who knows, it might even be good for them. I would think some finicky cats would refuse to drink vinegar water, but there are other ways to use apple cider vinegar to keep fleas off of cats and dogs. One is a vinegar bath or vinegar rinse after a bath or you can use apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle.

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By Jim 1 56 05/19/2009 Flag

I would not use vinegar for cats. Cats need a natural pH 6:00 - 6.50. If the pH drops lower, they can get calcium oxalate crystals in their urine and these are expensive to have a vet remove. Vinegar will lower body pH. If a cat's pH is raised about the optimal pH, it can cause struvite

Jim in Jax

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By mary kim 5 7 05/19/2009 Flag

There are several topical applications for fleas Frontlin and advantage are very popular and work.
Also, a pill Capstar is terrific. I get the large dog size and break it up in quarters and put 1 quarter in a pill pocket -soft cat food with a hole and you just put the pill inside it ] and control as fleas in florida are horrible. is great place to order products. Good luck, I have 12 cats and am doing really good with flea control now.

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By lynda 44 258 05/19/2009 Flag

I'm focusing on flea dander/dust wherever I can find it, especially in the bedding and carpet. I vacuum often, and change the cat's bedding daily, which seems to be working on my cats which never go outdoors. I still have too many surfaces dust can build up on. I hope to get that corrected when my son can help me in June/ July.

I cannot afford to experiment with various kinds of products, so I prefer to try sanitation and good health. I do plan, however to use Neem Shampoo on them when it's warm enough. I will dilute it to a weaker than straight solution, and rinse well. It may be strong but it should work, I'm told. Good luck. : )

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By pleroma02 1 06/10/2010 Flag

I don't know about vinegar, but food grade diatomaceous earth works great! Our outdoor tom likes a dust bath anyway, so I dust him with DE once a week. It also works internally on parasites. We put DE on the hamburger fingers we were feeding our GSH pointer pups, the vet was amazed that none of them had worms on their first puppy visit.
Oh, it also works on people. I know, a yukky fact of life!

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By gbk 45 368 01/12/2012 Flag

I keep seeing people reccommend that you use Capstar for flea removal. Please understand that it is only going to get rid of the fleas on your pet for 24 hours. After that, you'd better have the flea problem under control. The long and short of things is if you're going to spend your money then use one that will last for a month. If the problem is bad, it won't be easy. Using the monthly dosages for a while will keep the fleas down but doesn't eliminate them in house, yard or places pet goes. You will have to follow up with more measures. Read the post on the lemon for on pet and use a safe spray like Talstar for house and yard. I used Talstar last year and still use the monthly Advantage.

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By rhiannon velasco 2 06/17/2012 Flag

I do have cats and foster. As of now I have 12 cats in my house. If one will check cats are susceptible to utis. Apple cider vinegar helps that issue. I do add acv to my cats water a 1/4 tsp. each water bowl as well as use it to disinfect my house so no cat odor and spray it on my cats (one of the kittens I fostering had fleas and was to young to treat with a bath). About 2 weeks of daily acv and no fleas, and had healthy cats and no it doesn't affect a cats ph level. I did ask my vet it actually hydrates my cats.

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By rhiannon velasco 2 06/17/2012 Flag

To get a cat to drink the acv water add it before the water they love it. I take kittens that people say there dying and with goats milk bottle feeding and acv people are astonished acv breaks down uti crystals which male cats are susceptible to. I found this out the hard way. I lost my one cat to a uti and since than swear by acv thanks to my vet and animal control officers suggesting it :)

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By Worshiphim08 1 07/12/2013 Flag

I have been adding a couple drops of apple cider vinegar to my dog and two cats water bowls. I also have a ferrel cat in my backyard who is drinking water with acv in its bowl. The reason I am trying this is because last year after I put advantage on the back of my dogs neck, she had a horrible reaction a few hours later: running around with her eyes bulging, dragging her body to try to rub the back of her was horrible!

I started pouring water on her neck to wash it off-this was around midnight! The look in her eyes was of agony, and that was the last advantage I will ever purchase. I've got my dawn diluted of course for their baths and will try acv/water mist for their coats...I drink it and hear its called liquid gold, because its so good for you...natural is best! I am so sad to see commercials pushing flea collars again. I thought those cruel things had gone by the way. Of course I will do more research on the cat ph topic with acv.

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By joem789 2 09/03/2013 Flag

Vinegar never caused any problems with any animal or human. That is, unless you drink a bottle of it every day. It improves proper pH level. So when you hear some fearmonger discourage you, then you can bet they are going to send you to the Vet. Vets aren't everything. People need to learn to be self reliant.

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By tudortears 1 10/07/2013 Flag

I am going to try this with my cats for fleas. I have used ACV for my male cat'ss UTI issue...BTW - ACV does not CAUSE crystallization in the urethra, but breaks down the crystals. I've had 3 vets recommend this method even above their own costly methods and prescriptions!

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Archive: Does Vinegar Work For Fleas and Cats?

I just read the post about vinegar in your dogs water for fleas. My question is can you do the same for cats?



RE: Does Vinegar Work For Fleas and Cats?

Ask your veterinarian. Cats are finicky about a lot of things. (05/16/2005)

By guest

RE: Does Vinegar Work For Fleas and Cats?

My family (3 canine girls and 2 feline boys) all drink from the same big water bowl. The boys are not that happy about the vinegar, but they drink the water. Over the past few years none of them have had fleas.

Laine (05/17/2005)

By Laine

RE: Does Vinegar Work For Fleas and Cats?

No! Stop trying home remedies, acidifying either your dog or your cat will create many other health problems! Ask your vet for help, any of the monthly 'Frontline' type products are very inexpensive, easy, and foolproof. Just empty the contents of the vial onto the dog/cat's back between the shoulder blades and that's it, no fleas! Period! Anne (11/15/2005)

By Anne

RE: Does Vinegar Work For Fleas and Cats?

Sounds like someone is "veterinarian trained" to suggest that home remedies are bad. I would suggest research on the internet from legitimate sources. If one does the research Frontline has side effects and dangers. This subject has been discussed to the max and if you do a search on this site you will find many helpful suggestions.

Most traditional vets are not inclined towards natural remedies. The key is to find a traditonally and holistically trained vet. If not, do like I have, and do the research yourself. I'm lucky that my vets are open to just about anything and I bring articles and questions to them all the time. They are always already studied in the subjects. If they weren't I would find another vet. (11/15/2005)

By Vic

RE: Does Vinegar Work For Fleas and Cats?

When using parsnip and carrot for worming cats and dogs remember to cook it first (01/11/2006)

By Pam

RE: Does Vinegar Work For Fleas and Cats?

Fleas seam to be a difficult problem to eradicate, but remember that eggs will hatch about 2 weeks after they have been laid and a simple act like vacuuming will stimulate them to hatch. In severe cases treatment will need to be repeated 2-3 weeks after the first treatment.

If you have been using the same product for a while it could be possible the fleas are becoming resistant to that particular product. So switch products making sure the key ingredients are different and follow instructions to the letter. Just make sure what you use is safe for your pet!

Remember if you use Frontline whether it be the spray or the dropper, your cat or dog should not be bathed for 2 days before use and for 2 days after using it. The reason for this is that Frontline works by sticking to the natural oils in the skin and on the coat. If your pet is washed during this period it will not work as effectively and maybe not at all.


By Kfromoz

RE: Does Vinegar Work For Fleas and Cats?

Try nutritional yeast in the diet. It makes the skin taste bad to fleas and they stop biting your pet while you get the problem under control by cleaning up all the eggs. (08/16/2007)

By Donna

RE: Does Vinegar Work For Fleas and Cats?

My cat had fleas and I gave her a flea bath and then sprayed her with flea spray. I also used the Control on her. (You put it up by her neck and her tail once a month) It got rid of the fleas.(10/02/2007)

By Charity

RE: Does Vinegar Work For Fleas and Cats?

I did this for my dog. But you do not put it in their water. You mix it with water and spray it on them. She did good with it. I have a cat that just had 4 kittens and I got all the things in the store to spray or wash, but not a thing is working. So I'm going to try this now. I forgot about it. (06/11/2008)

By sweetlummi

RE: Does Vinegar Work For Fleas and Cats?

I've ordered Frontline Plus, which worked well on Fancy before. She's a totally picky cat, so I don't think mixing vinegar with her water would work - she'd stop drinking! She's miserable with all the scratching, but Frontline is so expensive, and finances so bad, we've only just now saved enough to be able to buy it. The med will be here Wednesday, but she's miserable now. I'm going to try the Dawn bath tomorrow, as soon as I go to the store.

One thing I know of that works for infestations in the house, is 20 Mule Team Borax. When we bought our house last year it was over-run with fleas. I did some research, found the 20 MTB suggestion, and bought a box.

I sprinkled it over the carpeted rooms, used a broom to "sweep" it into the fibers of the carpet, before I went to bed. Around noon the next day, I vacuumed it up. Repeated it that night, vacuumed the next day, and never had another flea until this summer. It really does work, and I'm thankful, because I have really bad reactions to fleas. One bite and within 10 minutes I have an open, oozing sore - and that's not from scratching, it's the bite itself (I never scratch bites anymore). Imagine having around 20 fleas on each foot.

Just be sure you get the 20 Mule Team Borax, that's in the laundry detergent aisle at the grocery store (I get mine at WalMart). You "don't" want to use pure Borax. When I ran out of Borax, I used salt on the carpet, to kill the fleas. Fancy walked all over the Borax when it was down, and never even sneezed, but don't let your pets walk on a salt-treated carpet, it can burn the pads of their feet.

Good luck! I'm off to put down some 20 MTB now, it's the second (and probably last) treatment. (06/16/2008)

By Kathy

RE: Does Vinegar Work For Fleas and Cats?

I'm a firm believer in natural ingredients versus store bought chemicals like Frontline. I have put a little bit of vinegar (like 4 Tsps to 2 cups water) and it seemed to get rid of the fleas immediately. My Siamese didn't seem to mind it too much (he also drank water from the hose outside, so this wasn't his only source of water, either). I had also tried herbal sprays but the vinegar was the only thing that really worked.

By Alanna

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