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Fox Urine Rodent Repellent

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To get rid of mice. I purchased bobcat and fox urine at home depot. Sprinkle this stuff in corner of basements and around outside foundation. Worked for me. Keeps animals out of gardens too. A fox is the only animal that will go after a skunk. Have not had skunk problems in about 5 years.

by Gene from Chicago, IL


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By vicki hood [4]11/05/2009

This promotes cruel foxfarms. Besides you have never smelled anything like this putrid unwashable stink. Best to half burn(in frypan) fresh rosemary, spread in areas where mice or rats visit. Another is peppermint oil on cotton balls. Another is fresh dryer sheets.

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Archive: Fox Urine Rodent Repellent

Where can I purchase dehydrated fox urine to put around plants? I thought I heard a feed store? Where in Raleigh, NC can I purchase this product and do you know the cost?

Thanks so much.


RE: Fox Urine Rodent Repellent

We bought Fox Urine at WalMart, and at Gander Mountain. You can find it at most sports stores that sell hunting supplies. We use it around our garden to keep the squirrels out of our tomatoes. (04/05/2009)

By GenW