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I live in a basement apartment of a house which is supposed to be totally non-smoking. My upstairs neighbors smoke pot constantly and I smell cigarette odors from them. Our stuff smells! My landlord doesn't care, obviously because I have complained often about this. Any ideas on who to contact about this?


I am desperate to remedy this situation and have honestly thought about just leaving (breaking my lease that I am in the last month of). This has gone on for the past 5.5 months already and I'm really fed up. They also control the only thermostat in the house and regularly freeze us. To the point of wanting to take a drive in my car to warm up. We constantly wear sweaters/sweats and use blankets to keep warm, but it doesn't seem to be enough. We are constantly sick with colds. Thanks for any feedback.

By Cindy from Medicine Hat, AB CANADA

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Get a small electric heater or 2 to stay warm. Call the police to report the smoking. It works. Do not leave because of them, good luck.

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Try an air filter machine to filter out smoke. They do work.

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Contact your local Fair Housing Agency about the heating and smoking problems. If your apt is an illegal one which it sounds like since you do not have a heat control for your own apt then you may be entitled to all of your rent back and pain and suffering with the cold temperatures and the smoking issues. Document and video tape everything. Get a thermometer that is big enough to show the temp when it is very cold, like the round ones people use outdoors they are big and easy to read and videotape.

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I think you have a tenant/landlord dispute. Please put any communication with your landlord in writing and mail it with a return receipt request. Your Landlord must respond to you within 10 business days.

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Look up your government landlord-tenant rules. You might have grounds to break your lease. And isn't pot smoking a crime in Canada?

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Renting is not fun. Especially when you live around people with issues such as these. I know. I've been there (am there, now;0). I saw, someone mention documenting things. That's the first rule of thumb. That way, your word actually holds water once you present them (landlord, police, health department, etc.) with the proof. There will be no denying it then.

I don't know how well you actually know your neighbors, but from what I've gone through with different people. I would not go to the police unless you have exhausted every, other resource. It's easy for those on the outside-looking-in to tell you to involve the law, but, if- like me- you know how nasty and vindictive people doing these things can be, it is not worth involving the police. Often-times, they are so nasty and can become so enraged, that they could actually do you/or your family real harm, and I'm sure that's NOT what you want.

If you're aware of the person/people who rent the apartment and you have spoken to them before (about anything), it may just pay for you to get them when they're alone, and talk to them one-on-one. If, for whatever reason, you cannot or do not want to speak with them personally, I would probably just visit my local health dept. and talk to someone there about the smoking and what, if anything, you can do to fix the problem.

If they tell you, there's nothing you can do, then I would probably just buy my time until a month from now when you will be moving and, hopefully, in a new place without these issues, and, a much more understanding landlord;) In the end, I really don't think bringing the law into the situation will help as much as it could hurt.

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Hi. Having worked in the apartment industry, I am wondering why you claim this is a non-smoking apartment. Was that just "word of mouth" or is it written that way in your lease? If, as one of the others wrote, your apartment is not legal, then that is a concern, of course. But if it is, then you should have your own control for heat...absolutely. That is a Fair Housing violation! Check the wording on your lease agreement. Contact your local housing authority and ask for guidance.

Also, as stated by another poster, document all of your grievances, the times you contacted the neighbors and/or landlords or other things you have done. I like the idea or taking pics of a thermometer in your apartment to show how cold it is. Couldn't hurt. You don't state where you live, but the right to running water and heat is certainly a basic necessity for renting an apartment and your slumlord/landlord should know this. If you want to stay here, then fight it. If not, then bail on the apartment and be twice as leery next time. Contacting the police is most likely NOT a good idea. I know smoking pot is not legal, but this is more a landlord issue, not a neighbor issue. Good luck! Keep us posted!

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I live in a small, normally quiet 2 story apartment complex. Because of a childhood disability, my 8 year old daughter and I live on the bottom floor. I knew living on the bottom floor, we would hear some normal noise like people walking, pets, etc. But, we've had new people move in and they have made our lives miserable!

The apartment is "supposed" to be rented to a father and his son. I've seen at least one other woman, and 2-3 children up there as well. The kids (maybe ages 2-5) run through the complex alone all the time. They come to my back door, knocking on it, and pressing their faces against my screen door. They tend to think they can play music whenever they want. Just the other night, (1:45 am to be exact), I was awakened to someone playing music so loud I could hear it word for word! It also woke my 8 year old.

The noises upstairs get stranger and stranger. Lots of loud thumping, noises that sound like things are being thrown, loud thuds, etc. They also smoke and throw their nasty cigarette butts in my yard! I'm a person who keeps to themselves and does not want to "start" anything with my neighbors. I almost went up there the night of the music, but thought better, figuring nothing would happen.

I contacted my landlady who is wonderful! She's upset about this situation and is writing them up. I'm hoping this will lead to them being kicked out. But, what can I do to keep my sanity until they do move? I'm not able to move as I get housing assistance and I just renewed my contract for another year!

By Jaci from MO

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Call the Police...

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You've done the right thing by contacting your landlady and I agree with all the previous posters' suggestions. Another suggestion: are there any other neighbors (besides the jerks, of course) that you can talk to about this, see if they agree with you about the jerks and will agree to also contact the landlady? Maybe they already have, but if not, couldn't hurt to ask them to; the more who complain, maybe things will happen faster. Good luck; my heart goes out to you; I've been in the same situation many times (when I still had to get up early in the morning to go to work, lived next door to a non-working guy who only slept between 7 am and 1 pm and was horribly noisy the rest of the time. Landlord finally evicted him, after I got some other neighbors to also complain, and found wall-to-wall [literally!] bags of garbage in every room. Plus he took off owing back rent; what a lazy, worthless jerk; a rich kid born to rich parents who were too old when he was born, so he was spoiled rotten; landlord went after those parents, you'd better believe!)

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When we first got married (40 years ago) we lived in a little duplex. I come from a very loving family and I had no experience at all with family violence. We never did get to know our neighbors because the guy was always beating his wife. She would scream, "Don't hit me, Dammit." He would yell back, "Don't call me Dammit", and hit her again. And their little boy (about 2 yrs old) would cry and scream from fright, I suppose. They moved away after a short while. We were so glad because I was a nervous wreck and scared when hubby wasn't home. Actually, I was scared even when he was home. We had started to look for something else when they moved. We never did even know their names...we just always called them "Dammit and his wife" and sterred clear of them. I was young then; now I wouldn't put up with that C**p. I'd call the cops so fast it would make his head spin.

Margaret from Denton, Texas

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Out of desperation I would probably talk to them. They may just be real ignorant and not realize they are disrurbing you. Ask them to not play music so late or if they must then to play it low. Good luck.

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