How Do I Restore a Formica Tabletop?


I am restoring Formica on a vintage 1960's table. What is best way to do this?

By Betsy from Cherry Valley, IL


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By PENNY K 15 562 06/12/2010

I don't know what you mean by restore? Leaving it on and refinishing? Putting on new formica? If new, unscrew the metal stripping and try to remove it without creasing it, and follow directions for putting on new formica they will give you at the store where you buy it.

If you mean restoring the top as it currently exists, not sure what to do about that. I worked in an antique shop and we had the occasional table, but never tried to restore. However, you might try cleaning it well with soap, water, several times, wiping with clear water with a little vinegar in it and dry with towel. I'd not use any abrasives at all, such as sos pads or cleanser.

I suppose you could use a cleaning sponge like the new ones put out by Mr. Clean brand if there were problem spots, but then reclean as above. As for restoring gloss, I'd go to a linoleum store and ask if they have suggestions. They might have suggestions. Any gloss product I can think of like poly varnish seems like it would ruin the table top. So I wouldn't do it. You could call the 800 number of a formica company and ask what they recommend to keep formica nice. There are so many products out there, there is probably something for formica maintenance.

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I had used jubilee wax for cleaning and polishing my formica countertops for many years. It kept them looking like new. Jubilee wax is no longer being made and I am desperate in trying to find a replacement. Any ideas anyone? I would be so appreciative.

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