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Uses for Coffee Mugs

Blue Coffee Mug

If the kitchen cupboards are bulging with your coffee mug collection, you may be looking of other ways to put them to use. This is a guide about uses for coffee mugs.


Solutions: Uses for Coffee Mugs

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Tip: Use Coffee Mugs for Storage

mug on computer table with scissors in itcloseup of mug

Since we all have favorite mugs we don't want broken or carried off someplace I'll share some of my uses. I have one on my computer desk which has pens, small scissors, pinking shears and 2 regular pairs of scissors, one of which has the teflon blades which will cut double face tape with no stickiness. The large wooden thingy, which I believe is for removing boiled eggs from a pan, I use to turn my pillows inside out before stuffing. I saw this on a Christopher Lowell show. I have several mugs on my kitchen counter for small kitchen implements.

    By Marty Dick [163]

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    Question: Uses for Coffee Mugs

    coffee mug pen holderIt seems easy to collect a lot of coffee mugs without even trying. What are some creative uses for coffee mugs? Here are ideas from the ThriftyFun community. Post your own ideas here.

    Use In Craft Room Or Kitchen

    They are great to use in your craft room, to hold scissors, pencils, pens, glue bottle, colored markers, etc. In the kitchen under the sink, store your dish brush, bottle brush, plastic scrubby, wet sponge, etc.

    By Syd

    Several Gift for Coffee Mugs

    I got one this past summer that had a "country goose" on it. To me that seems a little outdated but inside, my friend had given me a nice bouquet of flowers that had a root system growing so it could be potted! Another way to use them is for Bingo prizes or white elephant gifts for your club or organization. Or send a friend or neighbor some soup or something and there is no need to worry if you don't get the mug back!

    By melody_yesterday

    House Plant Cuttings For Gifts

    I always use them for plant cuttings as house warming gifts, gift to the hostess when invited to dinner, thank yous for when we stay with relatives out of town. It is so easy to just add some good soil and start a clipping from my house plants! I always keep a few rooting for gifts.

    By Terry

    Donate To A Shelter

    Donate mugs to a homeless shelter so they can use them to serve coffee or soup.

    Hot Coffee For Hard Workers

    Here's a great idea in nasty weather. When you see the guy who drives the snowplow approaching, make him a hot cup of coffee or cocoa. Put it in one of your "extra" mugs, flag him down and hand it to him, and tell him he can keep the cup! These guys work very hard in weather the rest of us avoid going out in, they deserve a nice gesture and a word of thanks from time to time! Of course, this also applies to your mailman, school bus driver, trash pick-up guys, etc, etc.

    By Becki in Indiana

    Pencils, Makeup or Gift Container

    Extra coffee mugs can be put to good use at your desk to hold pencils, etc. I use one in the bathroom to hold mascara, combs, etc and keep them organized. They make nice housewarming gifts or stocking-stuffer type gifts, you can fill them with candies, assorted tea bags, etc.

    By Becki in Indiana

    Give To Nursing Homes

    My cousin collect mugs for the nursing homes in her town. She buys them at yard sales and flea markets for 10-25 cents. She washes and disinfects them, fills them with mints,a pocket comb, tissues and whatever she can find on sale. She then gives them to the men. They really like that someone pays attention to them for a few minutes. One man dumped out the stuff on his bed and went right to the kitchen for coffee. I think they get tired of disposable cups.

    By Great Granny Vi

    Great For Individual Servings

    Make individual portions of a pudding recipe for "Koppiepoeding" or "Cup Pudding".

    By Willem

    Make Candles

    I use mine to make new candles in. I melt down old candles and put in my new wick and, ta dah... a new candle is born!

    By IMAQT1962

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    By Monique Iniguez 1 06/22/2009


    I know there are just posts about uses here and i was wondering if anyone knew how to get mugs donated.

    My work is a non-profit organization providing services to the elderly and adults with disabilities.

    We are trying to go green and we were wondering if anyone knew how we could get coffee mugs donated to us, it doesnt matter if none of them match.

    Thank you!

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