Can a Puppy Wear a Flea Collar?


Can a puppy wear a flea collar?

Christie from Japan


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By brenda newton 6 344 08/27/2006

I assume so, because I have seen puppy flea collars for sale at stores. I think the puppy has to be a few months old though before they can wear it.

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By Me (Guest Post) 08/28/2006

I wouldn't put one on any age dog. They have poison in them. There are many ways to prevent fleas naturally for your dog & your house. Just search this site. It's not really difficult. I haven't had fleas on my property in so long I can't remember.

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By Brandy 9 8 08/28/2006

Most flea collars are only for a dog who is six months or older but there is a brand that has one for younger dogs. I don't really reccomend one though because none of the ones I have found work. Sargents has a dip for puppies that is safe and they also have a topical that is the best thing I've found so far on the market for older dogs.

None of the home made recipies I've found so far have worked for my area, of course I havn't tried Borax yet since I have two kids that still play alot on my carpet.

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By Linda Valentine - Spokane WA 4 42 08/28/2006

From what I understand, flea collars for puppies is not a good thing. However, you can put olive oil on the pups. Soak as much as possible on the pup (avoid mouth and eyes, of course) and leave on for at least four hours and wash off. Or, you can let Mama lick it off. This is safe for kittens and puppies.

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By Malinda/Pa (Guest Post) 08/28/2006

We have, always, gave our dogs yeast tablets. Our dogs ate them like candy. These are very cheap. The fleas don't like the smell emitting from their skin. You can't smell this on the dog. We didn't like the fact that the collars were loaded with chemicals.

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By Robin (Guest Post) 08/28/2006

I think your vet would tell you not to bother with flea collars. To really be effective, you need to buy something that is vet recommended. It is very expensive to get fleas exterminated out of your house and if your puppy gets fleas and comes in the house, your house will have them, too. I use Frontline Plus from my vet. I pay more, but to know that it is working is worth it! I would rather pay more for the preventative and have it work than to put the money out to an exterminator to come and eradicate my house of fleas!

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By kim (Guest Post) 11/21/2007

RE: what will happen to my 7 wk old pup if she wore a flea collar for about 20 hours until found we weren't suppose to?

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