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Fever Blister Remedies

What's the best thing to to treat fever blisters?

By Shannon from Philadelphia, PA

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December 16, 20100 found this helpful

I used to get fever blisters (cold sores) at least every 2 weeks and bad ones too. I read in Prevention Magazine that you should take Lysine 500 mg each and every day and I have done that for at least 20 years. I do get cold sores but they never erupt and they never spread. If I feel a tingle I double up on the Lysine and I tell everyone about this treatment.

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December 17, 20100 found this helpful

Dry the area with a blow drier as hot as you can stand. Do this three or four times a day. This what I have used whenever I feel one starting and they never develop. Listerine applied to area seems to help too.

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December 17, 20100 found this helpful

When you feel the first tingle of a fever blister starting, wrap an ice cube in a paper towel and hold it against your lip. Hold it until your lip gets numb, then take it off for a few minutes. But if you can keep this up for about 30 minutes or so, your fever blister will go away. I know this from experience.

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December 17, 20100 found this helpful

Years ago, I got cold sores a lot, in fact for over a year I had one someplace constantly on my lip and then got an ulcer and started taking Tagamet. During the time I took it, I didn't have one. years later there is a medical white paper that says Tagamet for cold sores. Start taking when you feel the tingling and then I take one 2 times a day for several days, sometimes I don't get one and if I do, it never lasts as long.

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December 17, 20100 found this helpful

First sign of a cold sore and I reach for my Tea Tree Oil! dip a Q-tip in a diluted solution (5-10%) of water and tea tree oil and apply 2-3 times a day a more. try like mad not to touch the sore and if you have an accompanying fever, use Tylenol as directed. you can also use liquid band-aid over the sore as well. remember, fever blisters are cold sores and they are contagious. wash your hands often and don't touch your cold sore! Tea tree oil works much faster than anything else I have used.

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December 17, 20100 found this helpful

Doctors are now recomending L-Lycine. You can buy it over the counter in the pharmacy. 1000 units a day is recommended. It also works for shingles.

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December 19, 20100 found this helpful

I used to get them all over my face until I read a book written by a Doctor. In it she recommended taking the small coated garlic pills. Take them several times a day until the outbreak goes away. I now take just one a day and this prevents them all together. This was actually recommended for herpes outbreaks but I tried it just the same and it has been like a "cure" for me. I encourage everyone with cold sores or herpes to try this. The name of the book was "Womens Bodies Womens Wisdom" by Dr. Cristine Northrup.

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For a home remedy for fever blisters on your mouth, make a paste with a drop of water and meat tenderizer. Dab the paste onto the blister. Keep on repeating the treatment a few times during the day. Within a day or two, the blister will disappear!

By BessieBessie from Pretoria, Gauteng

December 16, 2010 Flag
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Fever blister? I can't remember which one is on the lips? I've got a big one on my lower lip. Does anyone have a good home remedy? It never tingled or hurt. There's a slight itch and it's sore. Thanks for any help.

Ellen from Maricopa, CA


Fever Blister Remedies

Try holding plain (no flavor, no sweetening) yogurt in your mouth several minutes, three times a day. (01/03/2007)


Fever Blister Remedies

Your chemistry is out of whack. The yogurt may work for a time, but unless you follow up internally with what makes it work, Acidophiles W/FOS, your fever
blister will just come back. You have your PH out of balance and the Acidophiles/yogurt plan will work
together, and should be cleared in a week. Then, reduce the amount of hot teas, fruit juices, fresh fruits, tomatoes, and coffee you drink at least by half or more. Take one capsule a day and you will not only lose the fever blister, your whole body will
have a strengthened immune system and you will Feel overall better! I take about three a week
and then daily should my PH get out of balance. God bless you. : ) (01/03/2007)

By Lynda

Fever Blister Remedies

Hi Ellen,
I feel for you! I've been there! ;(
Try using a Q-tip with some rubbing alcohol on it, if u are out of alcohol, try using a q-tip soaked in perfume. Perfume has alcohol in it. Just dab the cold sore; not the whole lip, because that will just spread the cold sore! It sounds crazy, but it does help dry-out the cold-sore, so it lasts less long, or in some cases, if u get it early enough, it won't even come to the surface.

Stress is a big No-No, that is often the reason I get cold-sores. My lips are telling me to chill-out! So try to relax, do NOT focus on the cold-sore, as hard as it may be. Try to ignore it completely.

If this happens frequently, get a prescription for Valtrex. It has done wonders for me! I used to get them 5 to 7 times a year, and I mean really bad ones that covered my whole mouth! My nephew used to be terrified of me. I used these Valtrex pills during 2 break-outs, and now I only get them once a year! Don't ask me how it works, but I got my whole family using Valtrex, and they are also amazed; it works miracles!
Good luck Hun!
Sandi! (01/04/2007)

By Sandi

Fever Blister Remedies

When you feel a fever blister coming, apply ice wrapped in a paper towel directly to the area for at least 30 minutes. This will greatly reduce the blister and itching. I use Herpecin L on my lips until it is completely healed. I have found this product eliminates the itching and the pain. You can but it at Wal-mart.
Jazzylazzy (01/06/2007)

By Jazzylazzy

Fever Blister Remedies

I get fever blisters all the time and usually I end up having a very painful experience and end up having to (sorry but) squeezing the fever out of it and applying some camphor phenique on it to dry it out but I also find that after it is dried out it doesn't hurt as bad and goes away in almost 48-72 hours. But if anyone can tell me a quicker way. Please tell me because these things are killing me. (01/20/2007)

By help

Fever Blister Remedies

It may not be homeopathic but I go to the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for Lactenex (prob spelled wrong here) It is a little bottle of chewable pills (you chew 4 about 3 times a day) and they need to be kept in fridge. When I was little our pharmacist gave them to my dad and they always work for me. Usually takes about 3 or 4 days to clear up. (11/11/2007)

By Momof3kids

Fever Blister Remedies

Tanic acid is a natural astringent. At the first sign, take a tea bag and make tea, then take the used teabag at the hottest temperature you can handle, and use it as a compress. It does an awesome job of keeping it from getting big and dries it out almost overnight. Sorry this is so late.(03/05/2008)

By yankgirl

Fever Blister Remedies

Someone told me today to try Listerine and apply it with a q tip. I am going to try that and see what happens. (03/30/2008)

By Janice

Fever Blister Remedies

My sister and I get fever blisters all the time and she came across this remedy. It is gonna sound nasty but we do this and it really works. You own earwax. Not sure how or why it works but it does. If you are lucky enough to feel that tingle and apply the earwax right away it may not come up at all or it will be just a tiny red spot. (03/30/2008)

By kiki@home

Fever Blister Remedies

Try using ice as much as you can, and take ibuprofen. Good luck (07/24/2008)

By lindsey

Fever Blister Remedies

A dermatologist told me that a good household "drying agent" was deodorant/anti-persperant. Put a little bit (roll-on or spray works best) on a q-tip and apply to the area. Looks, smells, and feels gross - but it dries up the wretched thing. I always tell my children that scabs are God's band-aids. (08/04/2008)

By Suzanne B.

Fever Blister Remedies

So I just read through all these posts and some are good, others aren't! I have gotten FB's since I was a small child and still do, 20 years later. I've come up with a system that works really well for me. As soon as you feel "the tingle", ICE down your lip/mouth area (a lot). This is where it gets a bit bad but it really speeds up the healing. When the blisters form take a pin/needle and while holding a napkin poke the sides of each tiny blister and dab up the virus with the napkin/tp. (its important to not let the liquid get anywhere bc that's how they spread.

By getting the liquid out they dry up a lot faster and scab over immediately. I take Famvir as soon they pop up and its like Valtrex but a little stronger. This healing process should take no longer than four days but just letting them heal on their own is usually double the time. Hope this helps anyone who reads this. (09/05/2008)

By Steven

Fever Blister Remedies

I've had fever blisters my whole life and have tried many things to make them go away quicker. The best thing that I have found is a prescription from the doc! However I haven't had any medical insurance since I've moved out of my parents house and have had to do what I could to get by. I've tried L-lysine which does work sometimes. If you get a sore in your mouth and it's swollen taking a L-lysine pill and holding it against it makes it basically go away I've found. It usually comes back, but after doing it for awhile I don't notice it anymore.

Sometimes I hold the pill in my mouth and hold it there till the pill dissolves. As for the ones on your lips and nose it's basically a free for all. Some of them go away faster than others with the same remedies I don't understand why or how, but it happens. I recently got a rather large one on the bottom edge of my lower lip and it goes down to almost the indent before my actual chin.

My problem is that I grow hair there so it's harder to heal up because the growing hairs keep pushing through the blisters. I'm on my second day with this thing and it's already dried up. I personally usually don't like it to open because in all actual reality it heals faster if it's kept closed because once it's opened it's more like a sore now so it's going to scab over and probably crack open and bleed at some point in time.

What I did this time though was make a paste. I first used ice before I realized it was bigger than where I was holding the ice. The ice did help that part stay down and go away. Once I noticed the rest I used this camphor gel stuff from walmart that helps with itching and stuff. After a few hours I became worried because I have a dental visit next Tuesday so I wanted this thing gone!

I then made a paste of several things. I used the camphor, neosporin, ground acidophiles, ground L-lysine, and a Vitamin B supplement crushed along with some corn starch. I mixed all this up and applied it. I kept it on for about 5 hours then used a napkin to take it all off. I then only applied the camphor gel for about 4 hours. Before bed I cleaned that off took some corn starch and put it on it and covered that with the paste that I had made and slept with it.

I woke up this morning and cleaned it off. The swelling was almost completely gone by then. I used the camphor again for a few hours then went back to the paste for a few more hours. I cleaned it off a few hours ago and haven't put anything on it. Well it's completely dried up and it doesn't itch, burn, or hurt. I know it's still there though, but it's not a blister anymore it's just scabbed over.

I'm going to apply the paste before bed again and hopefully by tomorrow it will be a lot better! I hope this post helps someone out though. I do anything I can think of that might help it so maybe this will help! (01/15/2009)

By barcodenation

Fever Blister Remedies

Kiki is sounds really nasty, but your own earwax works like a dream. My 15 year old boy gets them and we were buying the $18.00 Abreva and were broke so I ask an old timer down the road if he had any ideas. Earwax he says and I gave him a weird look and he laughed at me and said "just don't lick ya lips, youngin" This is the same fella I took my kids to when they got thrush, e blew in their mouth and within 2 days it was gone we had tried all kinds of medicines.

It is funny how God has gave us every thing we need to care for ourselves without modern medicines. Another nasty...urine is said to be a real cure all. Best of luck from Seagrove, NC (01/20/2009)

By BluHeelerz

Fever Blister Remedies

Okay here is a new one! I know this will sound weird but get some toothpaste such as Aquafresh, the toothpaste itself must be "white" I don't know why. put it on your fever blister before it has been busted! sleep with it on. I have for 2 days now and it is almost invisible. I don't know if I just lucked up this time and have a very small one, but when I felt it begin to tingle I got me some toothpaste and put it on it for the rest of the night then the following night. It is working for me. Also a great remedy to drying out acne or zits! This is why I tried it on the dreaded fever blister! Hope it works for someone else. (01/27/2009)

By dixonchic

Fever Blister Remedies

Try dabbing a q-tip in bleach and hold it on there for bout a minute, stings a little but gets the job done. I think anything that will dry it up is the key. (02/15/2009)

By blister king

Fever Blister Remedies

I Just recently had a fever and and a head ache. Usually I will get fever blisters when that happens. What I did was pop the blisters a little then spread rubbing alcohol on it, it might sting a little but it is totally worth it! But make sure you don't use chapstick or lip gloss in the time you have one, even though it might disguise it for the time being, it really is just making it worse, because it is creating a wet moist environment for the infection! (02/15/2009)


Fever Blister Remedies

I have used Lysine to attack the problem from the inside and recently switch to a Zinc supplement since it supports the immune system. Topically, I use an over the counter Benzocaine 20% which you can purchased as an oral jel for canker sores. There is a jel and a paste. I prefer the jel, even if it is an orange color. The Benzocaine topically deadens the itchiness, heat, and sometimes even prevents the blisters from developing. Use a clean q-tip each time even to the point of turning the q-tip and using the other end when removing the ointment from the tube. Prevents cross contamination. (02/19/2009)

By Benh

Fever Blister Remedies

I've been getting fever blisters since I was a small child so I've tried all kinds of things to speed up the healing process. What works best for me is regularly taking Lysine and applying a paste that e make myself mixing a few things together. I use a mixture of Abreva, Vick's chest rub, white toothpaste, Blistex, and Campho Phenique. Sounds odd but it works every time for me. (01/04/2010)

By Sally89

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