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Phone Tied up While Online?

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We recently purchased a new computer. While this has been like a new toy to us, it has tied up our phone line and we've missed all kinds of calls. My sister (who had tried to call for the majority of 2 days told me to check with a company called CALL WAVE ( They send a flashing signal at the top of your monitor when a call is coming in. This is hooked up with your phone carrier and will only cost me a little over $2 a month.

The only inconvenience is you have to let your most frequent callers know the toll free number they have to try if the regular phone number is busy. Small price to pay for an extremely helpful service.

By Sharon S.


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By Stacy from El Paso (Guest Post)04/19/2005

We have DSL. It only cost $5.00 extra than unlimited dial up, and you are online all the time. You can even talk on the phone and look up things on the internet at the same time. It is great.

By Angela (Guest Post)04/19/2005

I use to use Internet Alert, it is a small orange box which sits at the side of your PC and when you are online the light is Red and Green offline, any calls which come through it will bleep to let you know, you have to use Call Minder through your phone provider but that is not expensive

By CindyLulu (Guest Post)04/18/2005

I may suggest that most internet providers have phone alert already built in - inquire with your internet service - Aol, PeoplePC have this service. I box pops up on your screen and you have a choice of answering your phone or not!

By suzi homemaker (Guest Post)04/18/2005

That's great that Call Wave has that service now. Four years ago, it was free and I was on dial up for a few months and it came in really handy. When I got Roadrunner, of course I cancelled. Maybe a year or so later I got a bill from them and a letter stating I still had my phone forwarded to their number, blah blah blah and the bill was for 4.95. Noone could be reached at the number listed on the bill. It was a machine. After leaving messages to no avail, I contacted BBB and filed a report. They also could not get in touch with them and I never paid the bill. Then about a year later, I moved, and got another bill from them stating the exact same thing. I never responded (I meant to). I think it's a standard letter that they send out periodically to see how many dummies will pay the 4.95. I just wanted to give you heads up on this. I still have their letter in my "To Do'stack. I knew for a fact that my number could not have still been forwarded to them because quite often I would forward it to my cell phone. You can also do this and it will free up the phone line for the PC. My aunt does this daily.

By vicky (Guest Post)04/18/2005

yes.we have dsl through the phone company...comes right on your phone bill,and soooooooooooooooooooooooo much faster....

By Holly [350]04/18/2005

You could also get offline the last 10 mins. of every hour (if you remember) and let your friends know.


By angie [1]04/18/2005

why dont you try dsl. my company offers it for the same price as dial up... or keep an eye out for dsl & high speed connection, much more convienent. and you get all your calls with faster service

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