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Can I use Advantage and a flea collar on a 7 week old kitten?

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Can I use Advantage and a flea collar on a 7 week old kitten?

Desiree from Northridge, CA


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By Cassy M.06/28/2014

No, if you have already done so, take off the the collar immediately and wash thoroughly enough to completely soak the cat use dawn dish washer soap. If it saved wild life from oil spills it should work for kittens too. Wash until you are sure that every single particle of poison is gone (make sure not to get any water in the nose and mouth).

If the kitten starts to have seizure or acting weird, or starts gurgling and struggling to breath use a baby nostril sucker to lightly suck up any excess fluids the kitten may be choking on, and take to vet immediately (this could be done on the way to the vet). If vet can't be reached, crush up some benedrl and mix with water until you have one table spoon of the liquid, give no more then one drop of this liquid (cat will salivate due to bad taste). This will counteract most reactions to the poisons. Afterwards keep kitten warm and awake for the first hour, after that soak the kittens food with water you want the kitten to have lots of fluids so that they're livers can filter the toxins out.

I learned this from experience and it works. Dawn dish washer soap works good for fleas though.

RE: Can I use Advantage and a flea collar on a 7 week old kitten?

By chloe (Guest Post)01/04/2009

My kitten is 5 weeks, 5 days, and got fleas. What do I do? Would it be okay to put it on the mother?

By Leni (Guest Post)10/23/2008

Thank all of you for the information. My two kittens are nine weeks now and have terrible fleas, hundreds each. I've been trying to find information on how to get rid of the fleas without hurting the kittens. This has been the most helpful site I've found on the subject. I'll certainly look into getting a flea comb. Thank you all again.

By Crystal (Guest Post)08/23/2006

My kittens are 5 weeks old, and I am trying everything to get rid of their fleas. I'm using dawn soap, and a flea comb. Any Help would be greatly appeciated.

By pamie (Guest Post)08/17/2006

I have 5 seven weeks old kittens, what should I feed them

Editor's Note: They should be fine with cat food at that age. I believe they have kitten chow which would probably give them more vitamins and minerals than regular cat food.

By Glenda08/04/2006

No, these products would make your kitty very ill by poisoning it. I have always used a mix of baby powder and flea powder for kittens. You could also try a small amount of Skin So Soft from Avon, this helps with fleas and other insects. A very fine toothed flea comb works great to get the live ones. This I have not tried myself but an elderly friend of mine said she bathes her pets in Dawn dish soap. The fleas just fall off from what she said.

By Jeneene (Guest Post)08/04/2006

I had a feral kitten and the only way she liked to be touched was with a flea comb. Must have felt like Mom's tongue. It's a good bonding thing, and doesn't take long.

I use it with older cats too, in fact this is the only method of flea control I've used in 12 years, mostly because I don't like the idea of any poisons near my furkids.

Get a good, close flea comb. Metal works, plastic doesn't. Take two margarine cups and fill them with water, and put a drop or two of dish soap in one.
Work right next to the water.

Comb (most of the fleas will be around the neck and top of tail area) and learn to very very quickly dunk the flea in the soapy water. Don't hesitate a second or it will jump off the comb. Then rinse the comb in the clean water, shake it off and do it again.

We call it a flea safari and have fun doing it. My cat doesn't go out, but fleas sometimes get in and I start this as soon as I see her scratching. I keep it up until I've had 3 or 4 times finding no fleas.

When just starting out, put the kitten on a white cloth so you'll be able to catch any fleas that jump off the comb.

By (Guest Post)08/04/2006

Glad you asked before attempting to use any medication. I work at a vet clinic for 14 years. When I 1st began we used flea collars. Now we won't sell them. They can irritate ANY pets skin, they are usually made of pyrithrins and can be absorbed. Secondly, they only kill fleas (or repel those that are in the neck area.) Waste of money. There are several great products. Advantage is good but we use Frontline in clinic (a bit more expensive..but 100% kill the entire 30 days) We still use revoution (loses efficacy like Advantage) by the end of 30 day treatment BUT it treats so many other things for cats. Deworms/kills ear mites/mange/fleas /brown tick. Deworming is important.dogs & cats carry round worm(others too) that are zoonotic (we can get them from them) especially dangerous to small children that put hands in mouths Dr's are seeing more cases of blindness in an eye from roundworm in humans. THAT is far more important than the fleas.

By Jennifer Nelson [1]08/03/2006

ted's mom, I completely missed posting of the <i>collar horrors</i>. Thank you for the reminder.

Desiree, please keep us posted. By the way, 7 weeks is one week shy of the "acceptable" time to remove this baby from its Mom. This is another reason to take him/her to your Vet asap.

Northern Virginia

By Pat Giles08/03/2006

My vet told me you should never put a collar on a cat because they could get it caught on something and choke to death. I'd take ILuvDobes's advice!

By Linda (Guest Post)08/03/2006

You don't need a flea collar if using Advantage. Read the direc tions as to use on a kitten that young.

By Carrie Nowlin (Guest Post)08/03/2006

The answer should be a resounding NO! This is a double dose of the medication to kill the fleas and could be toxic to the little kitten. Likewise, never use a flea control on a cat that is dosed for a dog, or a flea control dosed for a larger cat on a kitten. Same goes for dogs. I used to be a vet assistant and saw animals become very sick and die from this. Use one or the other, or bathe the kitten in a flea shampoo and then use the Advantage. The flea shampoo will kill some of the existing fleas and the Advantage will continue to kill them and their eggs, larvae, etc. (fleas have some really gross stages) that might still be clinging on...bathing a cat is no fun...but it will help get rid of the fleas. Good luck!

By Jennifer Nelson [1]08/03/2006

Please do not "self treat" a 7 week old kitten. It's my gut feeling that combination might be lethal on such a young baby.

Take this kitten to the Vet as he/she will need a round of shots also, and they can check for worms.

Northern Virginia

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