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Removing Mildew Spots from Convertible Top


The white top on my Mustang convertible has become really dirty from being parked outside. It has bunches of little black dirty specks. Could this be mold? How can I whiten it up again?

By Carole from Nashville, TN


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By Suntydt 75 877 03/02/2011 Flag

I used to work for PepBoys a good while back and they had a convertable top cleaner that guys bragged about all the time. Don't know if they still have it and I don't know if any other auto store will have it but you should check. Otherwise I would recommend Simple Greenas a cleaner. Spray it on, scrub it in a little bit with a brush, let it set a minute or two and spray it off. You could test it out first on an area that is not so visible (like the center of the top).

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Archive: Removing Mildew Spots from Convertible Top

My Mustang is a convertible and it has a light colored top. The area we live in is extremely humid, and it rains often. There are some mildew spots on my car's top now. How can I get them off without ruining the top?

Caren from Baytown, TX


RE: Removing Mildew Spots from Convertible Top

Have you tried vinegar? (01/17/2008)

By mom-from-missouri

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