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Concerns Related to Storing Lettuce in Plastic Too Long

What's the name of the poison contracted from lettuce being stored in plastic too long?

By Henri from Wagga Wagga, Australia

Recent Answers

By Sherryanney02/25/2010

The best way I have found and it works is to store it in a water sprinkled kitchen towel wrapped around it in the veggie drawer. Last for days. Green a crispy!

By Anonymous [848]02/25/2010

I concur with Michawnpita! If what you're talking about is leeching from different plastics then check out this link:

By Michawn [16]02/24/2010

I have heard of no such thing. I do know that you can't store lettuce in plastic that long anyway, or it gets yucky! I would think that anything that would grow would be long after a good eatable lettuce survived anyway!

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